4 simple actions to make your workplace greener


Environment is everyone's business

At Lyreco, we are convinced that solutions to fight against all climate stakes will be collective and that as a responsible partner, we must behave exemplarily.

Our 10,000 employees are committed all around the world to initiating and participating in activities to ensure the continuous improvement of our workplaces towards more responsibility and less impact on our close and extended social and natural environment.

Here are 4 simple and concrete actions we implemented in our offices you can follow to make your workplace greener.


Ban single-use items

In most of our headquarters, our teams get rid of single-use items such as disposable cups and plastic bottles in order to reduce waste. Glass bottles, seaweed cups, drinking fountains… a lot of solutions have been successfully launched as alternatives for more sustainable habits.


Greenify your cleaning services

In Spain, we replaced the plastic bags used in the bins by biodegradable ones (made with starch). Cleaning services were also asked to use environmentally friendly products: since 2018, all cleaning products are saline based and without toxic content.


Get rid of individual bins

Making our workplace greener often means changing daily practices. Removing individual bins to set up collective recycling bins in common areas might allow you to save up to 27,000 plastic bags per year. Source : 2019 results from Lyreco Iberia


Avoid unnecessary printing

Replacing your former machines by multifunction ones to scan documents instead of printing it, displaying posters with the costs of black & white and colour printing, asking your people to only print when required… A few examples from our Spanish subsidiary that allowed them to reduce their consumable usage by 58,05% from 2018 to 2019.