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Lyreco pioneers its first B2B marketplace in Italy


From November 2022, in addition to the offers available on Lyreco’s existing ecommerce platforms, Lyreco customers will also have access to a new platform dedicated solely to products that contribute to protecting the planet, people and communities.

For its first launch, Lyreco chose to make it available on its Italian market, focusing the test phase on one country before rolling out worldwide.

November 15th, 2022


Lyreco announces the launch of Sustainable by Lyreco, the first B2B marketplace dedicated to products that contribute to protecting the planet and its people.

Grégory Liénard Lyreco CEO

Our company mission is to be pioneers in delivering sustainably what any workplace needs, so that its people can focus on what matters most.

With the introduction of this new marketplace, dedicated exclusively to selected products, we are making it easier for our customers to adopt virtuous practices.

Grégory Liénard

Chief Executive Officer at Lyreco

As part of the Lyreco strategy to reach 90% of sales made by products and services that contribute to protect the planet and its people in 2026, this project is based on unambiguous observations about Lyreco customers’ strong desire for this type of solution.


When customers have been asked about the criteria they considered when purchasing workplace supplies and services, 65% pointed the environmental impact, and were interested in using products and delivery methods that contribute to reduce it.

Maxime Chabaud

Sustainability is becoming strategic for more and more of our customers. Thanks to our sales force, very close to our customers, we understood for a few years the shift in our customers’ purchasing habits towards more sustainable items.

And because transitioning can be complicated, we decided to ease the selection process by putting on the same platform a curated selection of products.

Maxime Chabaud

Strategy, Sustainability and Innovation director at Lyreco

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