Wind turbine

100% green energy in 2020

Electricity in 2020 entirely from renewable resources

Accelerating climate change and its dramatic effects on our planet are reminding us to step up our efforts to protect the environment more than ever before. For this reason, Lyreco CE decided to obtain its energy (electricity) exclusively from renewable resources.

In February 2021, Lyreco CE received an annual report from an electricity supplier confirming that all energy consumption in 2020 was covered by 100% natural electricity from renewable energy sources.


Resource structure:

61% biomass

Biomass is a neutral fuel and is an important renewable energy source in our region. Its combustion releases almost the same amount of CO2 as is consumed by photosynthesis during biomass growth. Combustion of biomass, unlike fossil fuels, does not increase the concentration of organic hydrocarbons in the atmosphere.

39% wind

Wind is caused by the uneven heating of the earth's surface by the sun. Warmer air rises higher, causing the air mass to flow around the Earth. Wind energy is one of the oldest consciously used renewable energy sources.

Green alternatives

Sustainability and responsibility

This statement confirms Lyreco's continued commitment to climate change. Our aim is to always obtain electricity primarily from renewable sources.

For more information on our corporate social responsibility strategy, see our Sustainable Development Goals and our CSR report.

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