Leo Stoelinga

The Dutch national railway and Lyreco joined in sustainable partnership

The Dutch national railway, the NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen), chose Lyreco as a recognized office products supplier. The key reasons were shared sustainable vision and approach in the field of workplace solutions.

The years of cooperation with Lyreco have made an important contribution to NS in the following areas:

  • Proactive account management
  • Cost savings for office supplies
  • More sustainable product choices
  • Creating awareness among the purchasers
  • Start of a fully circular process

When purchasing products, NS takes a into account also the architecture of products, the possibilities for reuse. Moreover, NS considers the necessity of all products and the possibility of environmentally friendly alternatives. They also take into consideration the logistics of products to our locations; the NS have been climate neutral since 2018 in terms of transporting passengers and they aim at being climate neutral from 2050 onwards, thereby emitting a megaton less CO₂ every year. As Lyreco strives for CO2 emission reductions and as all our deliveries to our locations throughout the Netherlands are CO₂-neutral, we represent a perfect partner to NS.
In 2020, Lyreco's initiative for circularity have started. Nowadays, not only the sustainability, but also the circular characteristics of a product are taken into consideration. When it comes to the small office equipment, Lyreco makes sure that as many products as possible are collected and recycled. Additionally, the raw materials are returned to producers for new products. These initiatives therefore fit perfectly into the circular policy of NS.

Picture : Leo Stoelinga, Procurement Manager, NS

Leo Stoelinga

When collecting small office equipment, Lyreco ensures that as many products as possible are recycled and the raw materials are returned to producers for new products.

Leo Stoelinga
Procurement Manager, NS