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Following the journey of coffee beans: Congo Organic

More and more people all over the world drink coffee, making it not only a valuable commodity, but also an essential source of livelihood for many communities. At Lyreco Hungary, we, coffee lovers pay great attention to carefully following the journey of coffee beans from the shrub all the way to the cup.

Therefore, preserving exquisite coffees from adverse circumstances such as conflict, economic or environmental disaster is a critical part of our business. In the meantime we can also ensure a future for the farmers as the most valuable labour force to our company. Through the Reviving Origins programme launched in May 2019, we commit ourselves to protect these coffees that are in danger of disappearing and support the coffee communities that can benefit from support in overcoming the challenges they are facing.

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Congo Organic, our first organic coffee in the Reviving Origins programme

At Lyreco Hungary we are serious about quality and sustainability. As an exclusive distributor of Nespresso Professional brand, we are proud of Nestlé, which launched a Reviving Origins programme in May 2019 to revive high-quality coffee production in challenged regions across the world. After the successful inclusion of certain parts of Colombia, Zimbabwe, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Uganda in the programme, now we have debuted in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). We source our first coffee produced in organic farming from here, named Congo Organic. This smooth coffee comes with toasted cereal notes, nutty aromas and mild fruitiness.

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Lyreco Coffee solutions: An exclusive partnership with Nespresso Business 

Revival of coffee communities

In order to reach our goals, long-term partnerships are established with farmers and communities to rebuild sustainable coffee production impacted by adversities such as conflict, economic or environmental disasters. We have achieved a number of successes in several regions of Colombia, Zimbabwe, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Uganda since 2019, and now we have launched our programme in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

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The revival of coffee communities requires significant work and investment over the entire planting and cultivating lifecycle. We are investing CHF 10 M over five years (2019–2023) to revive coffee industries in selected countries with the aim of encouraging rural economic development. We work with farmers who joined the programme to provide training on new techniques that help them ensure their crop is of the highest quality possible. Furthermore, we seek to address some of the infrastructure challenges that exist in these areas by building wet mills or helping establish coffee cooperatives. We also help farmers to mitigate environmental factors, focusing on areas such as water management and tree coverage.

120,000 farmers involved across the world

Nespresso’s unique sustainable sourcing model in coffee producing countries, the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Programme, provides the foundation for the company’s work in Reviving Origins countries and involves more than 120,000 farmers across the world.  Launched in 2003 in collaboration with an NGO, the Rainforest Alliance, the programme helps to improve the yield and quality of harvests, while protecting the environment and improving the livelihoods of farmers and their communities.

Coffee plantation

Congo Organic is the first organic coffee in the Reviving Origins programme that is produced in conformity with organic farming standards. The rain-rich volcanic soils along the Kivu lakeshores of Eastern Congo are ideal Arabica terroir. Years of continued conflict and political instability leave many plantations abandoned and smallholder farmers tapping only a small fraction of the Congo’s potential for specialty coffee.

With our Reviving Origins programme, these regions and local farmers were provided with new opportunities to present the flavours and aromas ensured by this special soil to coffee lovers all across the world. 

Congo plantation

Organic farming forms a key part of the Congo Organic blend, meaning that no agent containing any chemical or synthetic materials – such as fertiliser or pesticide – is used in the production. Instead, composting and organic fertiliser were used to preserve the ecosystems, which has improved soil fertility, promoted ecological balance and preserved biodiversity naturally.

For Congo Organic, these result in a rare coffee specialty with smooth, toasted cereal notes, nutty aromas and mild fruitiness that is available as a seasonal variation. 

Congo Organic

is a 50/50 split roast in line with the recommendation of our coffee experts. Both splits are dark and short, with the first split being slightly darker and longer to develop more intensity for this coffee.

Congo coffee
Coffee with milk

Available only in a limited number

Try this coffee as Latte Macchiato to bring out sweet cereal and biscuit notes and enhance its balance. Keep in mind that this new coffee is a very special piece in our collection, thus it will be available in a limited number and for a limited time only, so place your order as soon as possible.

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