The teams of Lyreco and Idea Bank

Lyreco Poland & Idea Bank: finding an ecological solution

Idea Bank has been cooperating with Lyreco for more than 10 years and considers Lyreco as a business partner with significant experience in CSR.

Aligned with its corporate social responsibility goal to significantly reduce its ecological footprint, Idea Bank encourages its staff to adopt green working practices. One of the main challenges realized was to the usage of disposable plastic bottles by employees.

To offer an ecological alternative, Lyreco Poland proposed to the Idea Bank to replace them with glass jugs with water filters in all the company's spaces. By this simple step Idea Bank achieved a significant reduction in orders for water in disposable plastic bottles.


Picture: CA&QSS - Marta SZAJRYCH & Sebastian LAZAR& Robert DANILUK presents CSR&CE solutions tailored to the needs of IDEA Bank