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Supporting our partners in their sustainability commitments

Engaging our stakeholders in Lyreco Corporate Responsibility strategy and actions is essential for reaching our commitments.

Principado is a Mexican business office supplies distributor and our international partner since 2014. Since the beginning of our cooperation, the company has been committed to aligning its CSR policy and actions with Lyreco’s engagements. Their Social Responsibility charter focuses their operations and strategic actions on improving their economic, social and environmental impact.

In 2018, Principado invested in a fleet of hybrid trucks to deliver its customers located in Mexico City. A valuable contribution in the fight against urban air pollution in a city where air quality is one of the worst in the world.

Principado is one of the Partners within the Lyreco network whose evolution in terms of CSR is the most striking.

Picture : Principado truck fleet in Mexico

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Beyond the business dimension of our partnership, working with Lyreco also supports our sustainability policy. Lyreco’s Corporate Responsibility is clearly an inspiration for the implementation of concrete actions such as the definition of Principado Code of Ethics and the development of our green fleet in Mexico City. 

Alejandro Torre
CEO of Principado Mexico, Lyreco distributor partner since 2014