12 YEARS OF PARTNERSHIP WITH SPÖRK ANTRIEBSSYSTEME. What’s the secret of long-term success?

For over 35 years, Spörk Antriebssysteme has been a market leader and the number-one choice for automation and robotics, control and drive technology, and switchboard engineering in Austria. The company’s 60 employees work either in the main office building or in the workshops in Kottingbrunn.


It has sourced not only office supplies and furniture, but also consumables and document archiving solutions from Lyreco since 2010.   


What sold Spörk on Lyreco?

The company, based in Kottingbrunn, Austria, has worked with several suppliers in the past. Before we started working together, the customer had noticed that there were inconsistencies in its vendors’ pricing and delivery terms and conditions. As they did not deal through a specific contact person, problems and complaints had to be solved through a helpdesk in a process that was often lengthy and arduous. 

What Spörk values most about the partnership with Lyreco is the personal approach of the sales executive Inge Hötzl, who is always happy to provide advice and help. Inge showed them how they could save costs, for example, by replacing products they were buying on a regular basis with cheaper alternatives and ensured that the ordering and delivery process went smoothly.  

Ingeborg Hötzl

A personalised approach and top-level care are the secret to 12 years’ successful partnership.

Ingeborg Hötzl
Senior Sales Executive
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The priority was to establish a process of easy ordering and fast delivery. The customer wanted quality products at decent prices. And they wanted a dependable partner they could turn to whenever they needed.  

Spörk likes the fact that orders can be placed in various ways: online via the Lyreco E-Shop, by phone on 0800 10 14 14, or by email through the customer support department. Some of the benefits enjoyed by long-standing customer Spörk include: 

  • next-day delivery 
  • free delivery on orders over € 49 
  • simple returns policy 
  • discounts, promotions, complimentary gifts with purchases 

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Cost savings go hand in hand with environmental friendliness

Before teaming up with Lyreco, Spörk bought its toners and consumables from a number of different vendors.  Finding the cheapest supplier took up a lot of time. Promises of fast delivery were not always kept. 

The Lyreco account manager recommended Lyreco-branded toners to the customer as a cheaper alternative, explaining that they are the same quality as the originals, but are much better priced and more readily available

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We used to buy our toners from various suppliers. Thanks to Lyreco, we now have everything under one roof. We recommend Lyreco’s compatible own-brand toners. If any of these toners happen to be out of stock, the sales rep will always find us an adequate replacement at the same or an even better price.

Sabine Reiterer
Purchasing Management, Spörk Antriebssysteme
Green alternatives

Lyreco’s green alternative

Lyreco’s remanufactured toner and ink cartridges are not only good for the environment, but they will also help your company to save 20% - 50% on costs.   

Lyreco’s compatible toners and cartridges have the same capacity as the original toner.   


We are proud to see our customer Spörk making use of this service and contributing to a greener future for our planet.

Ladislav Fernyák
Product Specialist Technology

What do I do with my used toners?

The free toner and ink cartridge recycling service is just one of Lyreco’s many sustainability initiatives. We will supply you with a recycling box free of charge when delivering your order and will exchange it for an empty one once it is full, all at no charge to you.  


We think the free collection box for used toner cartridges is a great idea. Once full, this box is collected, and a new box is delivered free of charge with the next delivery! The competition does not offer this service.

Sabine Reiterer
Purchasing Management, Spörk Antriebssysteme
Spörk Antriebssysteme

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