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3 tips to give your office a festive vibe

Christmas is now only weeks away. Now’s the time to get your workplace in the right mood. Add a touch of festive spirit to your office by surrounding yourself with inviting scents that will instantly put you in the Christmas mood.  

Use our tips as inspiration to surprise your co-workers with a fun change. You’ll see how easy it is to get on with your work in a harmonious office. 


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1. Decorate your office 

Spread Christmas cheer around your office. Christmas decorations, even if only on a modest scale, should be in every office. It’s entirely up to you whether you light up a Christmas tree in the corner of the room or put a small decoration on your desk. A Christmas mug will brighten your mood and put a smile on your face as you sip a hot cup of tea or delicious coffee. 

Let your imagination run wild. If you and your colleagues love Christmas and all things Christmassy, your office can be transformed beyond recognition in the run-up to Christmas. Vanilla or cinnamon scented air fresheners, diffusers or scented sticks will spice up your office and make it smell fabulous. 

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Our tip:

Come to work in classic Christmas colours or a Christmas-themed outfit. 

A cheerful Christmas jumper or a funny hat will amuse you and your co-workers and lighten the mood.

2. Wafting the smells of Christmas around the office 

You should breathe in the festive ambience as soon as you arrive at work. You can recreate festive fragrances not only with a diffuser, but also with air fresheners emitting vanilla, clove, cinnamon or citrus scents. A great way to spruce up the office is to decorate it with sprigs – simply place them in a vase. 

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TIP: Make a fragrant concoction out of them! Place dried lemons, oranges, cloves or cinnamon on a plate or in a bowl. And then simply sit back and enjoy the wonderful Christmas scent. 

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3. Give all your senses a treat 

Sweet-smelling hot drinks and delicious cakes are inextricably linked to Christmastime. The smell and taste of Christmas teas and sweet treats are sure to put you in the perfect Christmas mood.  Prepare light refreshments for your colleagues that will bring back memories of when they used to bake Christmas goodies with grandma or enjoying warming fruit tea on ski trips.

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Delicious coffee, crispy biscuits scented with cinnamon and vanilla, chocolate bars, tea with honey and lemon... all these belong on the desk in your office. Don’t forget that eating sweets in moderation can brighten your mood and boost your productivity. If you want to complete your to-do list before the Christmas holidays without getting all stressed, you should definitely indulge in the odd treat along the way. 

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Our tip:  

Organise a competition with your colleagues to see who can come up with the tastiest Christmas pastries. Have everyone bring their favourite Christmas pastry or sweet to work and then judge it together. Besides having some fun, you’ll also get to enjoy some homemade baking. 

Bonus tip: Let the Christmas melodies ring out 

What would Christmas be without the traditional songs we all know by heart and have been singing since October? Play festive favourites in the office and listen to the sounds of Christmas. You'll find yourself bopping to the beat of Jingle Bells, Last Christmas and Santa Claus is Coming to Town as you shred and print your documents.  

Make a playlist of your favourite Christmas songs with your colleagues so everyone gets a chance to hear their favourite and you all have a great time together this Christmas.   

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