4 reasons to buy concentrates

Buying cleaning products may seem like a simple process, but quite the opposite is usually true. A lot of operations or businesses consider whether to choose a larger or smaller pack when buying these products and how satisfied they are with their use and performance.  Is it not worth switching to eco-friendly alternatives instead? Should you go for the best price or for a reputable brand? 

For many years, the hygiene market has been dominated by ready-to-use cleaning products which are suitable for immediate use. Now, however, cleaner concentrates and compact cleaners are dominating the market. These can be found in tablet or capsule form. They are becoming increasingly popular and now is the time to think about whether your company should follow this more sustainable trend too. 

What is a concentrated cleaning product? 

A concentrated product is a cleaner which you have to dilute with water before use. You can get dozens or even hundreds of reusable bottles of diluted cleaner from a single pack of concentrated product. 

What does that mean for you?  

Concentrated products are suitable for larger operations and premises or if you know you will be able to use them before their expiry date.

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To other important things to keep in mind are that you must have a water supply in the place where you plan to mix the concentrate and also that you must make sure this space is large enough to allow safe use of the chemicals contained in these products. 

WARNING: Always read the label and product information before mixing as well as using the concentrated product itself. 

What are the advantages of concentrates compared to ready-to-use cleaning products?

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1. Lower costs

When comparing costs, concentrates almost always work out to be the economical choice. A concentrated product may seem like a higher investment at first, but don’t let that fool you! Always look at the ratio of how many bottles of cleaner you can fill from the concentrate and compare that figure to the cost of the same amount of ready-to-use products. 

Another positive thing, not only for your budget but also for the environment, is that you don’t throw away any empty bottles, but keep pouring the mixed cleaner into the same ones.

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2. No needless transportation of water

As the name suggests, concentrates are a concentrated solution of cleaner which has to be mixed with water in the ratio specified by the manufacturer before use. This means that you buy a small bottle of cleaner, but the performance is comparable to that of a large pack. 

The advantage of the manufacturer not having to needlessly transport water is the lower weight they have to transport. Conversely, in this way, the manufacturer is able to transport a larger volume of product and therefore the amount of fuel and CO2 emissions associated with transporting goods is reduced.

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3. More space on the shelves

One of the huge advantages of concentrated products is that they take up less shelf space. Of course, with concentrates you do need bottles or containers in which to dilute the concentrate afterwards. However, these bottles or containers tend to be reusable and are more environmentally friendly compared to a regular cleaning product in a disposable bottle. 

Green alternatives

4. Environmentally friendly

Since you are not transporting water, you can transport a larger volume of product, which means you don’t have to transport it as often. This means that you save fuel, reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment. You also need less single-use plastic packaging, which, if not recyclable, will end up in incinerators or landfill sites. And dumping less waste in landfill sites has an extremely positive impact on the environment. 

When should you opt rather to buy a ready-to-use cleaning product? 


So-called ready-to-use products, i.e. products ready for immediate use, are more suitable for smaller operations such as hospitality establishments or small commercial premises. They have the advantage of consistency in both composition and performance, as they do not need to be specially mixed. The quality is checked by the manufacturer during the production process, so they can guarantee the same composition for every new bottle purchased.  


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The whole concept consists of 4 simple steps: filling the bottle with water, adding the capsule, shaking the bottle until the capsule dissolves and using the finished product. You can choose from bathroom, floor, surface, anti-bacterial, detergent or food and catering cleaners. 

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