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6 tips on picking out your office supplies

Whether you’re a start-up or a long-established business, no matter how big or small, there are situations where you simply can’t do without office supplies. Even in this digital age, there are times when you need to write information down the “old-fashioned” way or file printed documents in binders or archive boxes


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Check out our list of office essentials that we’ve pinpointed as indispensable and a must-have on any desk. 

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1. Writing implements

The office environment and office equipment may well have changed over the years with the widespread adoption of digital technology, but the modern office still needs basic writing implements.


Pens are an essential office supply. Some might say it’s a trivial item, but can you imagine not having a pen to sign documents or take notes?  

ball point pen

For normal everyday use, we recommend retractable ballpoint pens for quick and easy use. The ink from a ballpoint pen dries almost instantly and doesn’t smudge. Of course, there are all sorts of pens on the market (retractable, non-retractable, ballpoint, gel, and fountain pens).  

Besides ink, gel and cartridge pens, you can also single out waterproof and even erasable pens or pens designed for left-handed users. It goes without saying that there are also classic coloured pens with blue, red, black and green ink. 

Correction products

Correction products are a great help when you’re writing with a pen, and they’re brilliant for quickly correcting mistakes in penned or printed text. We offer correction tape and correction pens.  

lyreco roller

Correction tape is more popular as it can be written on virtually instantly, while correction pens need a short time to dry. Correction pens have a narrow tip that makes them ideal for correcting small mistakes such as dots or lines.  


zvýrazňovače Lyreco

Let’s not forget highlighters either. They help us to call attention to the most important points, especially in longer texts, and thus to understand, remember or establish links in a text more quickly.


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2. Notepads, notebooks, paper 

Even though most of your work might be done online, you still need plain old office paper to write down or print out certain important documents, such as contracts and agreements, which usually need to be printed and then signed in your own hand. So it would be wise to always have a sufficient supply of office paper. 

Notepads and notebooks are still very popular for writing down notes, to-do lists or all your fabulous ideas. The market is teeming with many different types of classic and spiral-bound notebooks.

note pads

As far as we’re concerned, sticky notes are an absolute must-have in every office. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, and we know from experience that almost all office workers use them.  

Coloured sticky notes are great for jotting down memos and messages for yourself and others. And they’re handy if you need to remind yourself of something important or make a note on a document without actually having to write on it directly. Sticky notes can also help you to keep all your documents more organised. 

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small office stationary

3. Small office stationary

As we intimated above, very few offices are completely paperless, so staplers and hole punches are needed to keep printed and handwritten documents in order. 
Scissors, adhesive tape, staples and other small office stationary are essentials in your desk drawer, as it’s always much more practical to have them on hand than find yourself having to dash to the shop for them in an emergency.

4. Desk organisers

Office organisers

A desk top piled high with documents and reams of paper is a common sight in nearly every office. Desktop document organisers can keep your desk and office tidy and your documents in order. This is an efficient solution that provides storage space for all your essential paperwork and documents, which can be sorted and easily retrieved when needed.  

desk organiser

Organisers maximise the space available on your desk. In addition to their functionality, they can also be aesthetically pleasing. They come in a variety of shapes, materials and colours, so you’ll always be able to match them with the rest of your office. 


Other small office supplies need not be left lying around on your desk either. Various desk tidies are available in the form of stands, trays and organisers that feature all sorts of different designs for writing implements, sticky notes, scissors, paper clips and other items. So your desk won’t be constantly cluttered. 

There are organisers for drawers too, so even the office supplies you don’t use every day can be stashed away from your desktop. That way, they’re close to hand when you need them, so you don’t have to waste time looking for them in a jumbled drawer. 

5. Office chair 

Although chairs are classified as office furniture rather than the office supplies we have mentioned so far, they too are an everyday and very important part of the office.  

healthy sitting woman in chair

Sitting on a chair made in the same year as you were born is not good for your back or your health. It may have been a top-of-the-line chair at the time, but in recent years there have been countless advances in our understanding of ergonomics

ergonomicka stolicka

Choose the right chair

The wrong chair causes poor posture, which in turn leads to various health problems such as back pain. And as any pain is debilitating, sitting on a chair with very little support reduces energy levels and consequently your work performance. 

This is why every office should have proper office chairs, which not only improve employees’ well-being, but also their efficiency, their performance at work and, by extension, the overall success of the company. And ultimately you will avoid health problems.  

6. Information boards 

Finally, we have the popular information boards (magnetic boards and flipcharts), which have become an almost permanent fixture in all offices and meetings over the years. These boards are useful for writing down reminders, tasks, ideas, and brainstorming, and for sharing general information with the entire office.  

Several types are available on the market. Magnetic boards are used most commonly because of their versatility. Besides writing on them, you can use magnets to attach notes, documents, or charts to them without damaging them or having to resort to tape. A magnetic board is useful during a presentation, as a bulletin board, or as a teaching aid, and it can also be used in the home.


Magnetic boards don’t necessarily have to be fixed to the wall.

They can also be placed on a movable stand, so you can carry them around and use them wherever you need them. Another advantage is that they are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. Of course, you can attach the markers directly to the edge of the board, so you won’t have to spend ages looking for them.  

A well-organised workspace with plenty of writing implements and other sundry office essentials enhances the efficiency and productivity at work of anyone who spends most of their working day at a desk. In fact, sometimes it’s the little things that end up boosting performance by providing comfort and aesthetics.  

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