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Coffee machine rental: Boost workplace well-being and productivity

Case study with supplier

Nestlé Professional


In today’s fast-paced world, a pleasant and stimulating working environment is vital if staff productivity and satisfaction is to be increased. Lyreco, as a leading B2B workplace solutions company, has partnered with renowned coffee and coffee solutions provider Nestlé Professional. This cooperation has made it possible for us to offer our customers an innovative coffee experience – coffee machine rental. 

Read about how, by teaming up with coffee solutions provider Nestlé Professional, we have: 

  • revolutionised the way companies think about their coffee-related services;  
  • simplified the process of placing orders and seeing to the overall care of coffee machines;  
  • boosted workplace efficiency; and  
  • made our customers’ coffee times all the more enjoyable. 


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Who forgot to order coffee?!

We’re sure you’re no strangers to running out of coffee in the workplace. It’s not pleasant for either the staff or the employer. 

Employees responsible for ordering in supplies for the workplace have to juggle busy schedules, keeping track of inventory, and purchasing coffee supplies for their co-workers before it’s too late. They spend their valuable working time communicating with suppliers, placing orders, and coordinating deliveries.  

Nescafé coffee corner at Lyreco HQ in Pezinok, Slovakia

 Picture: At Lyreco Central Europe HQ, Pezinok

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Our goal is to deliver seamless and efficient coffee solutions and services.  

Nestlé Professional

Working with Nestlé Professional, Lyreco has pioneered a transformational shift in the Czech Republic and Slovakia that promotes the establishment of coffee corners in the workplace.

This change not only streamlines the coffee ordering process, but also offers numerous benefits for employees and the company. 

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We knew through our adviser, Mrs Szépová, that Lyreco was offering a coffee corner service. After our previous coffee machine gave up the ghost, we contacted her and, after liaising with Nestlé, she arranged a tasting for us and provided us with samples of coffee. My colleagues and I chose the coffee (Buondi) we liked the most and almost immediately agreed to arrange the installation of a Nestlé Professional coffee machine. They installed the coffee machine for us the very next day. Everyone who comes to visit us compliments us on our coffee and coffee machine. 

coffee maschine at customer ktm

 Picture: At customer KTM CENTRAL EAST EUROPE s.r.o. 

Benefits of setting up coffee corners 


By introducing a pre-agreed system, companies can secure a steady supply of quality coffee matched to their employees’ preferences. This saves time and fosters a productive environment, since staff no longer have to interrupt their workflow to deal with coffee logistics.  

Ultimately, the installation of coffee machines and the establishment of coffee corners demonstrates a commitment to optimising workplace dynamics, increasing employee satisfaction, and maximising overall productivity

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To bring the pleasure of drinking premium coffee to our customers’ offices and premises, we have partnered with Nestlé Professional’s coffee solutions experts and professional service team. Our concept will help you to discover a solution that makes your coffee machine almost maintenance-free and able to cope with high traffic, with someone to take care of it. We’ll make sure you enjoy a professional service, so you can brighten up your working day with a cup of quality coffee in recyclable, aluminium-free packaging. 

The office café is now a reality. What’s more, you will find it easier to retain smart, skilled employees for years to come thanks in part to the benefit of access to quality coffee, showing that you, as an employer, care about providing a comfortable and welcoming environment. 

Zuzana Removčíková
Catering Product Manager, Lyreco CE

Working with our supplier Nestlé Professional, we introduced the concept of workplace coffee corners in Slovakia and the Czech Republic in January 2023.  

Coffee corners are facilities strategically located in places within the company where employees can easily access high-quality, delicious coffee. Coffee corners are fitted with state-of-the-art coffee machines, premium Nestlé beans, and, of course, all the necessary accompaniments. 

coffee maschine with paper cup and bag with coffee beans

Installing a Nestlé Professional coffee corner

We at Lyreco, knowing that every workplace has its own quite specific needs and requirements, have worked with Nestlé Professional to tailor the design of coffee corners and coffee machine rentals to match the aesthetics and spatial capabilities of each individual workplace. This guarantees the trouble-free integration of coffee corners into the existing layout


Picture: At customer Talitech, s. r. o.

How does it work? 


  1. Contact your Lyreco sales representative. 
  2. Your sales representative can arrange, on request, a tasting with Nestlé Professional specialists, or arrange for a machine to be loaned to you at your company. 
  3. After the tasting, you decide what particular types of coffee bean you want. 
  4. Once an agreement has been successfully negotiated, Nestlé Professional specialists will come and install the coffee corner for you. We can arrange next-day installation! 
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"A coffee corner has been a must-have at our company for years. Our employees love coffee and can’t even conceive of a day without it. It is also important for us to treat our visitors and customers to good coffee. Our original coffee machine, which looked like it had been with us since the company was founded, was playing up. It had “done its time”, was retired, and this opened up a great opportunity for us to get a new coffee machine from you. [...]  

We certainly don’t regret our decision. The coffee machine is easy to use, the coffee tastes great and everyone has their own favourite. Maintenance is also straightforward. Even though it’s in operation five days a week, which translates into serious usage, it has held up brilliantly."  

voda coffee corner installation

Picture: Voda CZ, s. r. o. 

Full service: regular maintenance

and restocking 


Lyreco customers who choose to rent a Nestlé Professional coffee machine particularly appreciate the full service they receive. 

  1. We’ll set up a regular schedule of maintenance by a Nestlé Professional specialist, who will make sure your coffee machine is cleaned to perfection, so you don’t have to worry about descaling or cleaning the machine. 
  2. If the coffee machine breaks down, you can use the dedicated hotline or arrange for a repair or replacement machine within 24 hours. 
  3. In order to keep the process of ordering coffee simple, we have devised “negotiated subscriptions”. That is not to say that coffee supplies are dispatched automatically. Instead, your Lyreco sales representative will contact you to order coffee as needed. They can also order sugar, sweets and other extras for you.  

Our full service is your guarantee that your offices will never run out of your favourite coffee blends and that your coffee machine will always be in tip-top working order. 

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Our mix of end-customer know-how in the office and workplace segment, Lyreco’s strong brand, and our knowledge of Nescafé beverage solutions and products for the office makes us a strong player in the market. Together, we are forging ahead as market leaders in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as there has been no such partnership here before now. Our large pool of sales representatives means we can collectively cover customers ranging from small offices to big corporations.  

Stanislav Nemeček
Nestlé Professional Slovakia
nestle coffee corner at senior centrum prepychy

Ready to take your workplace to the next level? 

Contact us today to find out how a Nestlé Professional coffee corner can transform your office space and have a positive impact on your company’s culture and productivity. 


Picture: Senior Centrum Přepychy

The success of Nestlé Professional coffee corner rentals proves the power of partnership and innovation in simplifying workplace solutions. Lyreco’s partnership with Nestlé Professional is establishing a new dimension of effective cooperation and guarantees the satisfaction of our customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.  

By revolutionising the coffee industry through coffee machine rentals, we’ve helped our customers to build a thriving and productive work environment while keeping employees energised and motivated throughout the working day. 

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