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A company party you’ll remember for years to come

Regular get-togethers are vital to making working life an enjoyable experience. Spending time together is a great way to bond with colleagues, improve teamwork, spark creativity and boost efficiency.  

Plus, informal staff get-togethers are almost as critical to successful job performance as efficient office work.  

Never underestimate how much preparation and organisation goes into the perfect corporate event. We have four tips that will help you to put on a memorable company party or teambuilding event.

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4 tips on how to plan a company party

1. Choose a venue 

Your first step is to decide on the venue where your corporate event will take place. When making your choice, consider the number of guests, the weather, the theme of the party, and of course, your budget. Popular venues include restaurants, clubs, function rooms, and outdoor settings. 

If you have a large enough space at your company, you can even hold the event there. Don’t be worried about using company premises, but don’t forget to stow away all the office stuff and decorate the room so that employees don’t get the feeling that they’re at work.  

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Include a photo booth full of fun props.

Your employees will have a laugh and at the same time they will come away with memories of an unforgettable event where they had loads of fun.

2. Think up a theme 

Before you start getting ready for the event, you need to choose a theme. Is this a party for a big corporation? If so, the party should be themed as neutrally as possible so that nobody feels left out. For example: 

    • a masked party, 
    • an evening devoted to wine or coffee tasting, 
    • a 90s-style party. 
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    If you’re planning a smaller event for colleagues you know well, let your creative juices flow and come up with a more original theme. If you can’t think of anything suitable, enlist the help of other colleagues and come up with a theme together. 

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    3. Move on to the event programme

    Once you have a theme in mind, you can get on with devising a programme.

    Start by asking yourself what the purpose of the event is. It’s important to know why the event is being held.  

    Janka Ondrášiková

    I would say that a successful corporate event is one where people bond, have fun and forget about their everyday worries and responsibilities. In the preparations for the event, I make sure that the venue will be appealing to all guests. The programme should be memorable and enriching. I want people to go home with a smile on their faces and feeling good vibes.

    Jana Ondrášiková
    Executive Assistant, Lyreco

    Do you want your event to be a party celebrating the end of a successful year, or do you simply want to meet up in a casual setting and get to know each other better?

    The answers to these questions will help you to come up with the right kind of programme for the event. When drawing up the programme, always think of a schedule that allows plenty of time to spare. 

    While an evening of dancing, food and conversation is great, be sure to plan at least a few shared activities that everyone can join in on. Team games and competitions will build morale and announcing the best employee will boost motivation. 

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    One of the fixtures at social events tends to be a raffle, which everyone is sure to enjoy entering. Be careful when choosing your prizes – give last year’s calendars or company pens a miss. A basket full of popular treats, a gift voucher for a bookshop or some quality coffee will be much more likely to make colleagues happy. 

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    Personalised gifts and souvenirs, or clothing featuring your company’s logo, will make for a fond memory of the event. Your employees are bound to enjoy this kind of attention.

    Martin Opálený
    Printing Manager, Lyreco

    Shared experiences tighten the team bond. Give your employees a practical little gift with your logo to remind them of their time together or the company party.  

    You can choose from over 40,000 personalised items.  

    Select personalised gifts for staff

    4. Don’t forget the most important thing 

    Dried-out sandwiches and warm mineral water have long since disappeared from corporate events. Think about how quality food and drinks show employees and colleagues that you value them and their work. 


    Make sure you have everything your guests could possibly want on the tables. There should be nibbles, canapés, sweet and savoury snacks, water and soft drinks, wine, beer, tea and, of course, some choice coffee.  

    The theme of the party is sure to guide you in your choice of food. If you have a big enough budget, invite a chef to the event to make sure you have an unforgettable gourmet experience. 



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    Our tip: Don’t run around the shops looking for the equipment and refreshments you need. 

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