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Ergonomics and healthy back

Stiff neck and neck pain are among the many consequences of sedentary job and working with computer. Experts warn that employees with sedentary jobs are up to 63% more likely to experience neck pain compared to other employees.  

Using the right ergonomic equipment, such as a monitor stand or mount, laptop stand or workstation, will encourage good posture and reduce strain on neck, shoulder and back muscles. 

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Did you know?

A screen positioned too high or low may cause neck and shoulder strain and pain. Experts recommend that you should look directly at the top third of the screen when working on your computer

Place your monitor approximately at a distance of arm's length so that you do not strain your neck or slouch towards it. It should be placed directly in front of you so that you do not strain your neck when turning your head.

Basic equipment for each workplace 

Whether you work in an office or a home office, the right ergonomic equipment will increase your comfort at work and prevent back and neck strain. 

Monitor and laptop stands enable users to place the screen in line with their eyes, reducing pain and strain on the neck, back and shoulders when using a computer. 

An adjustable monitor mount is a great choice if you want to gain extra desk space in addition to adjusting the height and angle of your screen. 


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Our tip:

If you work with paper documents, try a document holder to reduce neck and eye strain and avoid stiff neck problems, back pain and headaches. 

Adjust the height 

Workplace health experts recommend changing your position at work every 30 minutes or one hour. A height- and angle-adjustable workbench or workstation allows you to change position as often as you need. Besides comfort that it provides, it helps you avoid tension and pain in the neck muscles. 

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