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How to choose office supplies for your business

Most of us spend a good part of the day in the office, so our working environment should be practical and offer everything we need to get on with the job. Picking out the products you’ll actually use from the many available is no easy task. How do you choose which office products to buy?  

Drawing on our many years’ experience as a distributor of office solutions, we have put together a list to help you choose the right equipment for your office.


Essential desk accessories

When setting up a desk for a new colleague, you really need to think of everything. Concentrate on the office equipment that you will actually use in the performance of your work duties.

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Our tip: Desk organisers and stands

Desk organisers and stands for small office supplies such as paper clips and staple cartridges, a pencil sharpener, writing implements and scissors will keep your desk neat and tidy! A drawer module is not only a stylish addition, but it will also hold the larger accessories you need for your work – a notepad, a hole punch or a stapler.

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I don’t like clutter on my desk, but I also need to be thinking about 300 things at once. I cannot do without coloured sticky notes in a variety of colours, sizes and formats. And to make sure I don’t have them strewn all over my desk, I would definitely recommend a sticky note holder.

Tomáš Drugo
Office Product Manager

Keeping the office neat and tidy

People work best in a clean and organised environment. It is much easier to keep things tidy and handle all your work tasks efficiently in an office where everything has its place.  

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Lever arch files and ring binders are the solution most commonly used for filing and archiving documents. You can choose from sturdy cardboard binders or binders covered with durable PVC film, depending on your needs or preferences.  

Punched pockets ensure that your documents remain in good condition and protect them from getting dirty or damaged. 

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Archive boxes of various sizes are useful for archiving and organising company documentation. They are made of durable materials that can cope with a lot of handling and mechanical stress.  

Our tip: Stackable archive boxes save space in your storage area.  

Planning and visualisation

Many managers place great importance on visualising work tasks, the strategic plan, and near-term visions.  

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Information and magnetic boards are perfect for this, and these days you can find them in many sizes with a host of accessories – magnets, writing implement holders, wiping sponges and erasers. You can use them to share a wide range of information not only with your co-workers, but also with business partners at various meetings, gatherings, and talks. 

Plan work assignments for yourself and your team.  Add a more structured and systematic approach to your work process.

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Our tip: Consult our experts

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