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How Lyreco PPE experts fitted Chára Sport personnel with safety shoes

Chára Sport is a privately-owned company, hat has been active on the Czech market since 1991. The family business is not only involved in car driver services, but also in the wholesale of various types of tyres. They sell, change and store tyres for their customers.  

Chára Sport has a wealth of expertise working with both individual and business customers. With 16 locations across the country, 6 wholesale centres, 1 warehouse centre, and over 130 employees, they have been a dependable partner in tyre servicing and sales in the Czech Republic for over 30 years. 


What is the basis of our cooperation?

Chára Sport has been working with Lyreco for over two years. Chára Sport utilizes not just office and hygiene supplies, but also personal protective equipment from Lyreco’s extensive assortment.  

The customer particularly values the personal approach of their sales executive Petra Hantáková. They are also pleased with the other Lyreco benefits:  

  • wide assortment of products 
  • next day delivery 
  • consolidated invoicing with reasonably set deadlines 
  • promotional discounts and gifts 

I am absolutely delighted. Lyreco is a dependable company with great customer service. The assortment is extensive and keeps on expanding. A that personalised approach really is something! If there’s something I need help with, I call [Petra Hantáková], and she is always there with a good advice.

Bohumila Lyerová
Marketing Director at Chára Sport

Since the customer places orders across all their branches in the Czech Republic, sales executive has compiled a list of favourite items by category in their customer account. This simplifies and streamlines ordering through the Lyreco e-shop for the customer.  

When ordering out-of-stock products, the customer uses the “Order History” option to keep track of the ordered items as well as their estimated delivery date if they are out of stock.  

More about the Lyreco e-shop features 

How was the selection of work boots for Chára Sport?  


When choosing work shoes for tyre shop personnel, we had to consider their job description as well as the tasks they usually perform.  

There are 4 factors to be taken into consideration when choosing the right work shoes: 

  1. Design. Shoes should not only be functional, but also visually appealing. 
  2. Comfort. Employees must be relaxed in their footwear, and the footwear itself must be comfortable to wear. 
  3. Quality. Quality work shoes are made with an emphasis on protecting the employee’s health. Modern work boots frequently meet other criteria, such as ergonomic regulations, to ensure that employees’ feet or backs are not strained while at work. 
  4. Price. The buyer must be satisfied with the price/performance ratio. Employers are willing to invest in more expensive shoes if it means that the employees are comfortable and satisfied. Shoes made of high-quality materials last longer and do not need to be replaced as frequently, cutting costs. 


Choose your work shoes 

How did we pick the best work shoes for tyre service employees?

Employees of Chára Sport tyre services had been previously dissatisfied with the quality of the safety shoes. The shoes were heavy, stiff and caused sores and grazes. After a few months of wearing them, the hard metal toe cut through the shoe, injuring employee’s toes and feet. Despite their very favourable price, they were not worth purchasing in the long term. After a few months they had to be discarded due to damage.  

man changing tire on car

Chára Sport was looking for an alternative. Good quality shoes at a reasonable price and in sufficient supply, suitable for both service employees and warehouse workers. They were willing to pay more provided the shoes were more comfortable and durable. PPE specialist at Lyreco advised on the choice of footwear for Chára Sport. 

Consult an expert 

Our Lyreco PPE specialist advised different types of shoes to the customer, based on workplace needs, information about the activity performed, and, of course, his experience.  

PPE Business Development Manager

When changing tyres, mechanics are often hunched over, kneeling, or in a crouch. This posture puts a lot of strain on the sole and upper, which might cause damage to the unfit footwear.

Marek Špidra
PPE Business Development Manager, Lyreco

 After some testing, the customer chose the Honeywell and Base brands, both of which have a patented shorter protective toe made of plastic or composite material. Employees are more comfortable kneeling due to the shorter protective toe, there are no bruises around the toes, and the shoes last longer without damage. 

honeywell safety shoe

The guys at the tyre shop were elated that the Lyreco shoes were nice and didn’t look anything like the old boots. We initially ordered just a few units to test. We're still ordering the ones that have stood the test.

Bohumila Lyerová
Marketing Director at Chára Sport
Josef Chára from Chára Sport on motorcycle Motocross racing

Did you know that Chára Sport supports sport motorcycle racing?

Josef Chára, the company’s owner, used to ride MotoCross competitively and is still interested in the sport. After his active racing career ended, he began selling tyres. At first limited to his acquaintances, the assortment progressively expanded until he founded Chára Sport, a wholesale tyre service. You can also meet them as a sponsor of a variety of events

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Are you looking for workwear for your employees but getting confused in the jargon of parameters, standards, and other abbreviations? 

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