New Catalogue

New 2021 Lyreco Catalogue: Thinner and greener

Thanks to our customers, their feedback, questions and demands our brand new Lyreco Catalogue 2021 brings more of what is needed in every workplace. Our 10 000 products from different categories make sure that you, your manager and your teams as well as their colleagues experience a great working day.  

What are some benefits of our new digital catalogue

Easy to use and well organized

We understand how time consuming searching for products can be, especially with such a broad choice. Organizing the catalogue in a way that is intuitive and user friendly was therefore on our minds when creating it. 


Simply enter the product name, brand or product code into the search bar, and it’ll take you straight to the right page. If you are looking for the whole category, use the interactive box on the second page, which leads you to specific category section. 

Thanks to covering the needs of all industries and workplaces from (home) offices to industrial halls, you can find all your teams and employees require in just one place. Based on the experience of our customers and colleagues, we have marked favourite products in the catalogue with a coloured background of the given category.

Less pages, less copies, more green products

Green alternative

We all wish to be more environmentally responsible in our own everyday lives. As part of companies we all have a greater responsibility to take a step towards greener workplaces. Our teams are here to support you in making sustainable choices. 

There are many options and varieties of green alternatives in our catalogue. Look for a Green tree pictogram or a green background indicating  environmentally preferable products.

Barbora Kvasnickova

To apply our ecological commitments into praxis, we proudly confirm 30% less printed copies compared to last year, each copy having approx. 80 pages less. We’ve used less energy by printing fewer copies, and by including paper catalogues into existing orders – we’ve been able to reduce the amount of deliveries resulting in obvious reductions in carbon emissions.

Barbora Kvasničková
MarCom Manager, Lyreco

Our new catalogue offers a base sortiment of products, and therefore if you are looking for more specific options, please visit our E-shop. Here you find the entire portfolio, get inspired thanks to the catalogue of printed products as well as our 2021 listings.

Veronika Lehocka

How can i find new listings on our webshop? 

To search for new products, simply enter `*` in the search field and press Enter. Or click in the search box with the mouse and press Enter. All our products available online will be loaded. Select New via the filter OUR OFFER on the left.

Veronika Lehocká
Digital Campaign Manager, Lyreco
New Listings

Physical catalogues 

are heavy and take up a lot of space. People who are working remotely often have limited space. It’s also impractical to carry a physical catalogue to and from the office. Our new Digital Catalogue is always on hand in any workspace, allowing anyone to access all our products from their own computer, phone, tablet or laptop by a touch of a finger.

If you, however, still prefer a paper version of Lyreco catalogue, select the option to enclose it with your order in the last step of your purchase process or contact our customer service.

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