Office revival: 4 aspects to consider

Going back to office 

Life in the offices is gradually starting. Colleagues meet again for coffee, or bump into each other in common areas, chill out zones and during lunch breaks. Meeting rooms awaken, causing information to spread faster and work being done more efficiently.

However, home offices are still relevant, therefore it is necessary to keep both work location fully equipped. Avoiding the unnecessary transportation and carrying the ''whole table'' back and forth. To make your employees glad to return to the office buildings and have everything they need during the work day, read through our overview.

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1. Renew your office supplies

You will often find out that you are desperately missing something for your work only when you are in the biggest hurry, when you can't find it, or you are disturbed by the lack of it. The shortage of coffee or tea in the kitchen is for sure not happy news, but somehow a negligible problem compared to dead batteries in your PC mouse, dried toner, zero office paper in your printer, or a missing USB key. It is such outages of consumer goods that can disrupt an otherwise smooth work day, increase your heart rate and cause delays in your deadlines.


After all, the office should be a place where you can find everything you need for your work and where you do not have to worry about the lack of common office supplies.

If you have returned to your desk after a long time, you may be surprised by the safety upgrades. Dispensers for disinfection, plexi- glass panels dividing the workstations or even a little "stay safe" present from your employer in form of antibacterial gel and respirator.

Office supplies

Welcome back at your desk!

In addition to the most important things like a chair and monitor, restock your stationery, a notebook, a lost headset and webcam, a docking station and a PC mouse. To complete the comfort and a smooth transition to off-line work environment, check the level of paper and toner in the printer, the expiration date of refreshments in the kitchen and at the same time sufficiency of hygienic products throughout the entire office building. Don't forget the little things that go without saying: toilet papers, kitchen towels, disinfectants, antibacterial wipes, hand creams.

Special attention should be paid at this time to objects that are touched daily by multiple people, such as the dishwashing liquid and sponge, or common small office supplies.

2. Fully equipped dual workplaces

Because we tried to equip our home offices in the shortest time, many of us have taken the most important work supplies from our office desks. What to do with such items now when we work from dual workplaces? In order not to linger and burden yourself with carrying such things during the commute between the home workplace and the office workplace, try to follow our tip.

Laptop bag

TIP: To manage a dual workplace commute, choose a stylish laptop bag. Simply carry only what fits inside and what it was designed for. There is no need to carry all your equipment between both workplaces.

At the same time, you have the opportunity to facelift your office or change its design. There are trendy office supplies designed in the same colour, novelties and ecological alternatives, or pre-set packs including basic office supplies.


Effective workplace

To achieve the same comfort and productivity at your desk at home and at work, equip both places with necessary products such as a monitor, lamp, printer, USB hub or ergonomic accessories. Help yourself with a list prepared by our experts so that you do not forget anything.

3. The joy of personal meetings

Employees returning to the office spaces might enjoy more organized and quieter environment as well as productive work atmosphere. After long period of home office confinement, everyone is well aware of the importance of socialization, information exchange and clear boundaries between work and personal life.

Workplace colleagues

So welcome back, your colleagues are surely looking forward to seeing you in person again. It is a high time to turn on your coffee machine, clean the air conditioning and take advantage of personal meetings.  The saying stays: safety first. Your employees will surely appreciate safety displays, air purifiers and germicidal lights, as well as disposable ecological products such as cups, cutlery, bottled table water and antibacterial gels. To double check whether all spaces in your office building are ready and safe read our article.


Safety measures

The issue of health protection still remains relevant and necessary. Therefore, keep in mind regular ventilation of the meeting rooms, usage of respirators and a proper hand hygiene. To find your favourite products in just a few clicks, we have prepared a list of everything you might need for safe meetings in the office.

4. Save your costs by buying quality products

We know and understand how difficult it is for many companies to get back on track and revive their business. The safety and health of customers and employees is without a doubt a priority, but we do not forget the need to reduce and save costs. However, choosing more affordable products at the expense of quality is not a sensible choice in the long run. That is why alternative products in the Lyreco Budget range come in handy. They will surely convince you with their quality and favourable price.

Cost Saving
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