Orion Trade

ORION Home Supplies simplified ordering and delivery of products to its 32 shops

Orion Trade has been one of the leading sellers of household goods in Slovakia for 25 years. The company has 32 brick and mortar stores as well as an e-shop for convenient shopping experience. ORION and Lyreco have been working together since 2020. 

What was important for the customer and what were his expectations from working with Lyreco?  

The priority for the customer was to simplify the process of ordering and delivery. Either to the headquarters in Senec or to individual Orion stores. Our customer wanted to have an overview of specific items and ordering frequency. Managing orders and monitoring reports as needed was a must to begin with. 

Orion Trade

We were particularly impressed by the method of ordering, which is very advantageous for us, especially because of the 32 stores, as they are able to order the goods themselves.

Silvia Havel
Invoice manager, Orion Trade

How Lyreco simplified the ordering process for 33 branches 

Each Orion brick and mortar store orders products from the range of office supplies and hygiene separately in accordance to own preferences.  

Some stores buy well known branded products, others prefer our Lyreco product line, which offers a quality alternative at better prices.

Our task was to simplify the entire ordering process (up to delivery) for the customer as much as possible. 

We have ensured that the customer can test the products in advance, especially floor cleaners. Orion stores are intensively visited and the first impression is made not only by the wide range, but also by the store appearance. The customer emphasizes high cleanliness of the floors in their buildings, while the types of floors may vary. Accordingly, we adjusted and solved in detail the suitability of cleaning agents for a specific surface. We have provided samples of selected products from suppliers of various brands. The customer distributed them to individual stores, where their employees tried them out and then decided which products suited them the best. 

Success story

One advantage is that the stores do not have all products "open"(available), but only items that we have approved for them at headquarters. Of course, if they want something extra, it's in agreement with us.

Silvia Havel
Invoice manager, Orion Trade

An important condition for Orion

was that each store could order separately, but only from a pre-agreed shortlist of products. In cooperation with their headquarters, we created a list of "open", eg. available/ favourite products for each store. 

Our customer appreciates the next day delivery of goods, reporting systems and consolidated invoices. The promotions, discounts and, above all, the personal approach of our Lyreco account manager, Jakub Chorvát, are also valued and appreciated by Orion

delivery truck
Budget products

Lyreco branded products - quality, availability, reliability

You too can become one of our 14,500 customers and enjoy the services that our long-term satisfied customers appreciate. 

Lyreco has developed a wide range of products of its own brand. We currently offer our customers more than 1,500 solutions: hygiene and cleaning products, paper, pens and stationery, recyclable ecological printer cartridges, stackers. The aim is to offer customers products of good quality at a reasonable price. All Lyreco products, from the Budget product line to the Premium product line, offer a reliable alternative to cover the need for quality office supplies. 

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