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Packeta: Why did they switch their office supply vendor?

Packeta – more than just a courier company with branches near you. Originally set up to simplify the shipping of goods to customers, today the company is a technology and logistics platform for e-commerce. It belongs to Packeta Group, which works with more than 46,000 e-shops and has more than 3,000 pick-up points, located on almost every corner, in Slovakia. 


Since 2021, it has partnered with Lyreco, from whom it sources a broad range of products: 

  • Snacks and refreshments 
  • Hygiene 
  • Consumables 
  • Paper 
  • Office products 
  • Protective work equipment 

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Lyreco is always our first port of call when we need to keep our offices and warehouses running smoothly.

Walter Mischnák
Purchasing Manager, Packeta Slovakia

Read the interview to find out why Packeta chose Lyreco as their supplier and what the secret to their satisfaction is. 

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Global ambitions with a trusted partner by its side 

Having established itself in Slovakia, Packeta has grown into a company with international reach spanning the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and now also Slovenia. The company’s goal is to expand worldwide and become a global digital logistics platform.  

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From its strategically placed depots, Packeta delivers to brick-and-mortar dispensing points and self-service pick-up boxes (Z-Boxes) in all municipalities with over 2,500 inhabitants, and by courier to addresses across Slovakia. Supplies to the company’s sites – whether a depot, a dispensing and submission point, or an office building – must run smoothly, reliably and on time.  

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How happy is Packeta with Lyreco? 

Walter Mischnák, purchasing manager at Packeta Slovakia, knows the details of the tender and explains which criteria tipped the scales in favour of Lyreco as their new vendor of office supplies and workplace solutions. 

What made you look for a new supplier? 

The suppliers we had worked with in the past were unable to guarantee 100% delivery of goods to our warehouses and depots, which are sometimes located in quite remote areas. They would often make delivery conditional on a minimum order value or only make deliveries on certain days. In some places they didn’t deliver at all, so we had to sort out shipments on our own and at our own expense. 

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What persuaded you to go with Lyreco? 

We had already identified Lyreco as an office supplies vendor because we were familiar with your catalogue. When we decided to switch suppliers, we got in touch with your sales representative. We agreed on terms and defined what we would need, how often and where shipments would be delivered. What convinced us about Lyreco was not only the fact that we would have a dedicated sales representative, but also the opportunity to communicate with specialists in the field, especially PPE. 

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For us, the biggest plus is the customer-centric approach, the eagerness to help, and the expertise and advice of the sales representative and the specialists, who are always quick to answer our questions, especially when it comes to non-standard products.


Walter Mischnák 

Purchasing Manager, Packeta Slovakia 

What sort of ordering process do you have? 

We worked with our sales consultant Mrs. Alena Krupanová to put together a mini-catalogue that our colleagues in logistics have access to. They can directly order the products and things that we and the sales consultant have catalogued together. The approval system makes it easy for us to manage orders. And obviously, next-day delivery is a huge plus! Just one day after the order is approved in the system, we have the goods at the required address, and we don’t have to sort out the shipping ourselves. 


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Training sales people

Did you come across anything in the Lyreco range that surprised you?

We were surprised that it has absolutely everything!

Whenever we were looking for something or needed something, our first stop was the Lyreco e-shop. Whether we were searching for Christmas gifts for employees, vitamins or the usual stock. 

Lyreco makes our job easier by getting everything we need delivered exactly where we need it the very next day. 

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What convinced us about Lyreco was not only the fact that we would have our own dedicated sales representative, but also the opportunity to communicate with specialists in the field, especially PPE.

Walter Mischnák
Purchasing Manager, Packeta Slovakia

Why did you decide to source your PPE from Lyreco? 

Our partnership with Lyreco started with office supplies and hygiene products. Later, after conducting a survey of the PPE market, we discovered that Lyreco would also be a great PPE supplier.   

We buy workwear, safety boots, helmets, cutters and many other specialist products from Lyreco, and we welcome an expert’s insight when selecting them. It’s one thing when you’re choosing office paper and another when you’re selecting protective clothing or helmets for 300 people.  

Lyreco’s PPE specialists, especially Richard Kochláň, have been a great help to us. Richard has always been very responsive and quick to advise us, whether we want to know about clothing or have other specific requirements. 


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Professional advice and expertise

Are you looking for the right gear and personal protective equipment for your employees, but lose your way when faced with a multitude of different specifications, abbreviations and requirements? 

Our PPE specialists will be happy to help you choose what’s right for you. Get in touch! 

Did you know that Slovak consumers rated Packeta as the most trusted Parcel Services brand in 2022

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