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Since its foundation in 1926, a constant adaptation to the evolution of workplace needs through outstanding services, specialization, expertise and international footprint has been at the core of Lyreco's growth and greatest successes. 

4 generations after the creation of a bookstore in Valenciennes, France, Lyreco accompanies its customers on 4 continents and continues to strive for excellence as the driving force behind its growth


From a bookstore to a B2B office products distributor

From the creation of a bookstore in Valenciennes, France, to an international leading distributor of  products and solutions, agility and innovation have always driven Lyreco's ambition to deliver what any workplaces needs, with excellence.

In 1926 Georges-Gaston Gaspard creates a bookstore named "Gaspard" in Valenciennes, France. The company fast develops a printing service, producing its own paper products range. 

From 1936, Gaspard starts delivering to its customers directly from its first warehouse. 

After the 2nd World War, the company becomes one of the first B2B providers of office products and services.

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From the first Catalogue to a 360° customer experience

With Etienne Gaspard, son of Georges-Gaston then his son Georges Gaspard, operational excellence remains at the core of every new solution: 

  • from the first Catalogue launched in 1959 to the development of a 360° customer experience allying human proximity, e-commerce and e-procurement 

  • from office supplies to expertise on PPE, hygiene or ergonomics

  • from one-day delivery to Home Office Delivery


From 1989, international expansion ...

With Georges Gaspard, son of Etienne, Gaspard starts the international expansion and the development of specific solutions and expertise. Gaspard becomes Lyreco in 2001. 

In 1989, Lyreco acquires its first company out of France: Vermeire in Belgium. This is the first step of the company's international expansion in Europe and Asia. 30 years later, Lyreco becomes the European leader and the third largest distributor of workplace products and solutions in the world, with 15 subsidiaries operating in 25 countries and a European safety expertise unit.

With the recent acquisition of Intersafe in Benelux and France, Deskright in Singapore, Office Depot Contract Business Unit in Spain the company continues to develop its geographical footprint and expertise under the new presidency of Georges Gaspard's daughter.


... and development of solutions and expertise

In the 2010's, Lyreco broadens its offer to specialized products and solutions.

Integrated solutions such as product personalisation, print services, collection of used items and green alternatives are developed. 

Formerly IMPEGA, the company private label created in 1955 becomes Lyreco in 2009.

The Personal Protective Equipment range is launched in 2013, the Hygiene & Cleaning specialisation in 2015. The Coffee Solutions specialisation is developed from 1997, through an exclusive partnership with Nespresso Solutions. Lyreco Hungary joined this cooperation in 2013.

In 2016, the Innovation Direction is created to accelerate the development of pioneer projects such as "frictionless" replenishment and Circular Economy. 


Respect for the Planet as part of our DNA...

Respect for people and the planet is one of Lyreco's core values. Lyreco has long been implementing specific actions to support this commitment. 

In order to constantly improve in this area, the company joined the United Nations Global Compact as early as 2004 and officially made Corporate Responsibility a pillar of its strategy in 2012, with the Eco-Future strategy.  

Major actions such as Lyreco product manufacturers' audits, Sustainable by Lyreco, CO2 emission reduction program across all activities or Lyreco University for our staff have been launched in this framework.  

Since 2019, a new strategy is on track that reinforces our commitments: Ethics and Sustainability in the Supply Chain, Governance and risk management and Contribution to the Community are now dedicated pillars beside Environment, Economics and People.  

In 2020, Lyreco pledges to convert its products and solutions to Circular Economy. 

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... and so are Respect and Passion for People

Supporting education of children in the poorest countries is our long term commitment.

To strengthen our action, Lyreco For Education, our Charity programme was launched in 2008.

Thanks to the engagement of all Lyreco employees, more than 115,000 children have been supported in these 6 countries: Vietnam, Bangladesh, Brasil, Togo, Madgascar and now Cambodia. 

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