Customer Experience in the Digital Era

Lyreco strives to provide a faster, easier and greener service experience for customers by promoting the use of electronic bill service and continuously improving the online shopping platform.


Lyreco began investing in establishing online shopping platform even before the popularity of online shopping, and continuously improving the software and hardware facilities in order to provide the best service experience.


Anna Kotesovcova

In order to save the environment, we have directed our customers to activate electronic invoicing. Our customers are aiming to move towards the digital path by activating Lyreco E-Biller services, reducing the use of paper.

We currently have 67% of SMB customers using this service. In connection with digitization, we strive to automate our manual processes, which will provide our customers with faster service and communication. We believe that the path of digitization will make life at work easier not only for our customers but also for us.

Anna Kotešovcová
Business Services Director, Lyreco CE

E-Billing Service

  • Reduce carbon footprints effectively by saving paper and bills delivery
  • Reduce storage and management costs with easier accesses when the relevant documents are distributed via electronic means
  • The bills can be sent to other specific emails for related staff’s perusal and follow-up

The current online shopping platform is the outcome of multiple improvements, with easier interface, better functions, and faster speed for customers to enjoy a hassle-free merchandising experience.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping Platform

  • Safe and reliable, easy to use
  • Provide the latest, the most comprehensive product information and order history
  • With the comparison functions and relevant consumable items for customers to choose
  • Limited time products, discounts and sales

In our e-Shop you will now also find new listings, personalized products and a section of specialized hygiene for your workplace. 

Lyreco Punch Out catalogue

Besides, our experienced e-procurement team can link up the Lyreco Punch Out catalogue to customers’ specific procurement system (e.g. Ariba Commerce, Coupa, Oracle, etc.), to digitalised the ordering and delivery procedure that not only helps save paper, but also enhances accuracy and transparency. If you need advice, don`t hesitate to let us know.


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