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How to plan like a pro?

The secret to success is a daily routine

The activities we do repeatedly shape the quality of our lives. That is why we are often inspired by the daily routine of successful people - especially the morning rituals, which often determines the mood of the whole day.

Of course, successful people often share similarities, such as getting up in the morning, meditating, exercising, or checking emails only twice a day.

However, everyone is different, and everyone's needs are unique. That's why it's so important to understand how successful people approach building their routines rather than to incorporate others` habits into our own lives.

So how do you start building a quality plan?

Managing Director Lyreco CE

To be successful, you need to have a plan. Successful people have visions, goals, but also plans to achieve them. These consist of partial steps. The only limitation in fulfilling them is time. Therefore, it is necessary to plan and adhere to plans correctly. We also need rituals, such as regular time for ourselves, for the family and for regular meetings with colleagues at work. In project management, time is again one of the most common enemies.

Mikuláš Herškovič
Managing Director, Lyreco CE

Turn on autopilot

Successful people understand that their daily energy and time are limited. And they are not wasting any. Instead of thinking about what to do in the morning after waking up (for example: should I exercise in the morning or in the afternoon?), they stick to the same morning cycle and rituals.

This will allow them to wake up and start moving right away, not waiting, thinking, questioning, and trying to gather morning motivation.


Eliminate small decisions

You've probably heard of CEOs wearing the same clothes every day or eating the same breakfast for the past 15 years. It's not because they're boring people. They understand that small, almost subconscious decisions may rob you of time and morning motivation. Deciding upon what to wear, eat, do, say and be every morning, will eventually wear you down.

It is, in a sense, a paradox of choice. The more options we have, the less happy and productive we are.  

Work distractions

Eliminate micro interruptions

Push notifications, unnecessary meetings and phones, online shopping, videos, articles on social networks ... It's all just a minute a just one click away. All in all, however, micro disturbances keep us from concentrating on work.

If at the end of the day you feel that you have achieved very little with the sense of "where has the time passed", first look at the history of your browser.  


Prioritize values

Success looks different for everyone. Successful people who are happy at the same time do not cheat on their values and principles.

If you value health, you should include sports, relaxation, and healthy food in your plan. If your family comes first, eat breakfast with the children before you leave for work. If productivity is what you value, handle the first tasks of the day before anything else.

Managing Director Lyreco CE

In some situations, there is a lot for just one calendar or diary. Therefore, priority assessment is needed. Is human life at stake? Will it improve business results? Can it upgrade the work environment of employees? Each of us should know own priorities, based on which we are able to decide what will make it to the daily schedule and in what order….

Mikuláš Herškovič
Managing Director, Lyreco CE
Post it

Temporary inconvenience <long-term reward

Living the life of your dreams is not comfortable all the time. In fact, we must often do what is challenging but rewarding, and that ultimately causes people the greatest joy.

Successful people understand this and are willing to withstand temporary discomfort, take an extra step, try something new in exchange for a long-term reward in the form of building trust with new acquaintances, interesting projects, or own health.


What would be the most productive use of my time today?

Although successful people are often very strict in their personal routines, there is always room to change the priorities. Ultimately, it's about using your time every day in the most productive and efficient way. To enjoy it, ask yourself what the best use of your day or a week would be.


Time cannot be bought, but it can be gained...

...with good planning, while a quality and stylish diary is a helpful ally and practical assistant.

Also keep in mind that written and verbalized promises and plans are easier to accomplish. Choose a planner, diary, or calendar with a logo so that you can be sure that you will not run out of time all year round.


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