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Offer the greatest employee experience

Offer the greatest employee experience so that our people can delight our customers

Lyreco considers employee excellence as a preriquisite to achieve customer excellence. Employee well-being is of utmost priority for Lyreco.

We believe in a culture that values our employees and inspires them to be the best they can be and our core values of Passion, Excellence, Respect and Agility play a key part in this.

Through a perfect blend of people, technology and our corporate social responsibility strategy, we aim to deliver a great working day for our clients & employees.

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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal we contribute to. 

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People - Key indicators

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of women - Lyreco gender ratio

Gender ratio in Lyreco CE, SE in October 2020. In our senior management gender ratio is 38% women and 62% men.

Our values - passion


Employees like to work for Lyreco

According to the latest Independent Internal Survey (2017), 70.4% stated, that they are very happy to work for Lyreco and another 25% like working for Lyreco.

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  1. Green and low impact initiatives fostered among our employees
  2. Effective well being at work
  3. Inclusion and diversity measures

At Lyreco, we want all our people to be treated equitably and without any discrimination. Ensuring that all Lyreco people are treated without any consideration based on their gender and so working at errasing the difference between the average male and female income is a key element of our responsible commitment.

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