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We collaborate with our partners to progress sustainably

Collaboration is key to achieving sustainable progress and working with partners is essential in creating a better future for our planet.

By pooling our resources and expertise, we can tackle complex challenges, innovate new solutions, and create meaningful change that benefits both people and the planet.

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To support Progress

we will continue to:

  • Actively listen to our customers and work with our suppliers to make progress
  • We implement ethical frameworks in all our activities and ensure we work with partners sharing the same ambitions and concerns
  • Communicate our experience of sustainable initiatives and best practices to all stakeholders (Ecovadis, Carbon Disclosure Project, ISO 26000:2021)
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We make an impact

We will continue to make an impact by:

  • Onboarding all stakeholders in our ethical frameworks (including GDPR)
  • Inserting sustainability KPIs into our people’s performance reporting
  • Encouraging our customers to consume more responsibly (sustainability awards, etc)
  • Engaging our suppliers to produce more responsibly
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Our stakeholders

The way we engage with our network to drive more sustainable practices.

Engaging our stakeholders over the long-term through our Sustainability Strategy and actions is essential to reaching our sustainability goals and to supporting continuous improvement across all our activities.

Group Supplier Day 2022 - Awards

Engaging our suppliers to produce more responsibly

Group Supplier Day 2022

Every year, Lyreco hosts the Group Supplier Day, which is an opportunity for Lyreco employees and Lyreco suppliers to share their projects and perspectives. The last one took place on 4 April, near Brussels, Belgium. 

On that day we also recognize some of our suppliers with awards. The evaluation is based on four criteria of equal importance: sustainabilitylogisticscompetitiveness, and category management performance

The same evaluation criteria apply in other countries that we operate in, where annual awards are also held at local level.

On the Right : Group Supplier Day 2022 - Awards


Certifications & recognictions

At Lyreco, we are proud to have our own environmental and social ambitions aimed at driving positive, lasting change. We strive to be transparent with our customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders on all the actions we initiate and implement. Trust and clarity are essential to meeting our stakeholders’ environmental expectations and requirements for the highest quality.   Our customers are ensured that they can rely on a trusted supplier and select their environmentally responsible products based on clear information through:  
  1. An ISO management system, adapted to our subsidiaries' specific needs
  2. Recognised environmental labels and certifications
  3. The Lyreco Sustainable methodology
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