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Embrace The New Era of Recycling


Coffee culture has been very popular over the years, and today the coffee grounds produced in Hong Kong has reached 12 tonnes per day. For this ever-growing solid waste with great upcycling potentials, we must put effort to recycle and turn waste into materials. Lyreco offers free recycling service for customers so as to promote the recycling of coffee grounds, in which gives the coffee grounds a second life by turning into compost, handmade soap, plant pots, etc…


The Circular Economy of Coffee

A cup of mellow coffee is never the end of a coffee bean! As the public has been growing awareness on sustainable development, coffee is no longer a linear economy of planting, processing, consuming and waste.

Through reshaping the entire process, making good use of waste, the waste derived from coffee is given a new value that allows the life cycle of coffee can keep recycling, and ultimately reduce waste with this circular economy.

linear vs circular economy

The Upcycling Potentials of Coffee Grounds

Hand wash
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Plant pots
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Mosquito coil
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coffee ground recycling

Coffee Solution Designed For Users

Lyreco offers free recycling service for the users of coffee solution. We will provide a specific container for cus-tomers to store coffee grounds, and will arrange regular on-site collection ac-cording to the coffee bean consumption amount of customers. Besides, we can also arrange coffee grounds upcycling workshops for corporate to further promote the idea of circular economy.

FAQ in Coffee Grounds Recycling


Is there any specific amount requirement of coffee grounds for recycling?

Coffee grounds recycling does not have any weight restriction. However, to avoid unnecessary carbon emission produced by additional transport, we will usually collect the coffee grounds when we deliver new batch of coffee beans (that is every week or two weeks).


Does the recycling service include coffee capsules?

The recycling service does not include coffee capsules.


What is coffee grounds upcycling workshop?

There is a diversified range of coffee grounds upcycling workshops, which include coffee grounds soap-making, tied dyeing, planting experience and many more.

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