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Use Paper Wisely


Paper tissue, tissue towel and wet tissue have been a common necessity for Hong Kong people, a survey shows that more than 100 million tissue papers are being consumed in Hong Kong every day! To conserve resources on earth, Lyreco encourages waste reduction at source and strives to introduce more eco-friendly paper tissue for substitutes, offering a broader choice of the use of eco-friendly paper for customers.

Reducing the use of paper is certainly the most effective way of waste reduction, yet it takes time to change one’s habit. While fostering the habit of saving paper, we can start reducing waste from choosing suitable paper tissue according to its raw materials, size and specifications.



Apart from a wide variety of FSC, PEFC certified wood pulp paper tissue, Lyreco has also introduced a range of bamboo pulp tissue paper in recent years. Bamboo pulp tissue paper is made with natural bamboo, its bamboo quinone component has antibacterial effect. And what’s more important is the fast-growing nature of bamboo, when the upper part is cut off for paper-making, the remaining root will grow out quickly again, which can then be cut off again after it become forest, therefore its ecological impact is much lower than that of wood pulp paper.

Bamboo Pulp Tissue Paper FAQs


Why is bamboo pulp tissue paper brown in colour?

Because there is no bleaching and added brighteners such as fluorescent powder in bamboo pulp tissue paper, therefore, it shows a natural brown colour.


Some tiny spots are found on the bamboo pulp tissue paper occasionally, does it contain impurities?

Those tiny spots are not impurities, but the natural fiber of bamboo.


Is bamboo pulp tissue paper rougher than wood pulp paper?

Bamboo Tissue Free Gift

No. Same as wood pulp paper, bamboo pulp tissue paper can be made to different softness levels for different uses. Some bamboo pulp tissue paper is even softer than wood pulp tissue paper. We now offer limited bamboo pulp tissue paper sample pack for customers to feel the softness of bamboo pulp tissue paper. Input promo code BAMBOO when you submit your order and you will be given a pack of bamboo pulp facial tissue. The gift is limited while stock lasts.

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Choosing the suitable size and specifications of tissue paper can be the first step of fostering the habit of saving paper. Take toilet paper as an example, many people will use certain amount of sheets according to their habits, so you may choose to replace the toilet paper with smaller sheet size or less ply. For tissue paper, other than choosing tissue paper with smaller size and less ply, you can also pay attention to the amount of tissue paper in each box, since the size of the box may not necessarily reflect the actual capacity. Therefore, choosing the package specifications carefully can help reduce waste on packaging materials as well as to save storage spaces.

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