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Quick Fire Questions on Realistic Wellness Solutions


Since the launch of Lyreco delivers Wellness half year ago, the service has been recognized by many of the customers while some of them mistake this an unrealistic project only applicable for large enterprises with plenty of resources and benefits budgets. In fact, we offer a variety of solutions for different needs. In this article, let us introduce the most realistic Wellness solution...

Wellness At Pantry - Fruit

1. What is the most realistic Wellness solution?

Fresh fruits delivery service.

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2. Why is fresh fruits delivery service the most realistic solution?

  • Affordable price. The average price of each fresh fruit is cheaper than a packet of soda cracker.

  • Fresh and convenient. Saving you all the tedious preparation work, order today and the fruits will be delivered on the next day.

  • Remarkable results. With all the rich nutrients, fresh fruits represent healthy diet, and thus the best symbol for a company that puts priority on employees’ wellness.

  • Flexible solution. There is no limit on quantity and fruits variety, a customized solution can be made according to customer’s size, headcounts and preferences.

3. Why do companies provide fresh fruits when the employees can buy on their own?

Because study shows that 75% of the employees feel more values if their companies provide free fresh fruit to them; while 80% believe fresh fruit had improved their quality of life at work.

fresh fruit at work

4. Why use Lyreco fresh fruits delivery service when the company can purchase on their own?

Because it is more convenient and time-saving to let Lyreco do it for you! Customers can focus on work without putting extra time on choosing, purchasing and delivery.

5. Is the fruit quality guaranteed?

Yes. All fresh fruits delivered by Lyreco are hand-picked. Return is guaranteed if there’re any damages.

6. Is there any trial plan for the fresh fruits delivery service?


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7. Is the trial plan free of charge?

No, but customers can use the trial service at half price.

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