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Circular Economy

Towards zero-waste workplaces

From 2020 to 2025, we commit to make Circular Economy a priority lever to accelerate the development of integrated sustainable business solutions for our customers.

The introduction of Circular Economy in our business is a key enabler to achieve Lyreco sustainable goals as well as a strong response to customers' rising desire for integrated sustainable business products, solutions and practices. In 2020, we issued our 5 commitments  to help our customers make faster progress towards a drastic reduction of non-recyclable waste in the workplace, and ultimately reduce their impact on the environment.


Our Circular Economy Pledge

5 commitments towards circular workplaces


Be the first company in our industry with a full range of recycle-ready items

By 2025, Lyreco will propose a ‘recycle-ready’ alternative for any product the customer wish to purchase. “Recycle-ready” items are products made from materials that can be re-inserted into the end-to-end value chain criteria for recyclability or recycled contents will be assessed according to ISO 14021 standards.


Offer end-of-life collection and recovered-materials into the manufacturing chain

By 2025, Lyreco will provide a collection solution for all recyclable products, ensuring their effective recycling, and provide information on their future use.


Eliminate non-circular packages

By 2025, Lyreco will reduce packaging use and ban non-recyclable plastic packaging for any product. 


Ban single-use or non-circular plastics from all our offices

By 2025, Lyreco will ban single-use and non-circular plastics from all our premises.


Develop a circular economy standard for the workplace industry with European stakeholders

By 2025, Lyreco will contribute with European authorities and Circular Economy key actors to define a standard for the workplace.

Leo Stoelinga

When collecting small office equipment, Lyreco ensures that as many products as possible are recycled and the raw materials are returned to producers for new products.

Leo Stelinga

Procurement Manager, NS Railway

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