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Fostering greener workplaces

A unique assessment methodology and sustainable solutions

Our customers strive to provide their employees with a working environment that benefits both People and the Environment. 

To support them in adopting sustainable purchasing practices for their workplace products, we commit to: 

  1. Develop green product alternatives that are easy to identify and select

  2. Encourage order grouping and establish low-emission delivery

  3. Extend the collection of used items for recycling or re-use

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Purchasing environmentally friendly products requires clear information that eases identification. In Lyreco’s catalogue and e-shop, assessed green products  are identified by a green tree, indicating that Lyreco’s assessment methodology is applied. 

Using our own assessment methodology allows us to keep control of the entire supply chain of our products and thus grant our customers with all the information they need to understand why a product is classified as ecological. 

A unique Green office product assessment

Our “Green Products Assessment“ methodology relies on recognised and international standard: ISO 14020 which is at the highest level of the ISO Environment Claims standards.

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Lyreco Green Tree assessment methodology

The methodology applies to all products, in addition to our quality assessment process. 

Our Green Tree assessment method relies on international recognised standards and organisations:

  • The method is based on the recognised international ISO 14020 standard, which is at the highest level of the ISO Environmental Claims series standards
  • It is in line with the International Chamber of Commerce advertising practices which give recommendations to prevent greenwashing
  • The system applied is the same for all products, in all our subsidiaries, resulting in consistency of green products labelling across the countries
  • The assessment method has been approved by SGS (the worldwide auditing company) who recognise it as "best in class" in terms of "green claims" checking.

Our method is a three-parties decision system based on a collaborative work between:

  • Lyreco Marketing teams check the self-claims in accordance with the qualifications described in ISO 14021
  • Suppliers fill in the “Green Assessment file“ with certified claims, self-claims, additional criteria and evidences 
  • Lyreco QSS teams check the certified claims in line with ISO 14024 (e.g. scope, validity period), exchanging with suppliers to deal with potential disputes and scoring rate circulation

Green Tree products made up 42.2% of the office supplies we sold in 2020.

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