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New Milestone in Logistics


Lyreco Hong Kong will launch the electronic logistics system by phrases on 7th of April, SMEs in Central, Tsim Sha Tsui and Kwun Tong are the pilot areas for the first phrase where customers can track the live status of the shipments and offers an easy way to manage the delivery records through viewing the signed documents anytime, anywhere.

Live Tracking

Customers can login to the online shopping platform to view the order record and track the real-time delivery status. Upon the successful delivery of the shipment, the system will send an email notification of successful delivery for record. And if the shipment cannot be delivered as scheduled due to special reasons (such as adverse weather conditions), the system will also notify the customer immediately via email.

new electronic logistics system enables live tracking

Easy Viewing

Customers can search the relevant records with details like the order date or order reference while they can also download the electronic proof of delivery without handling the paper documents physically.

new electronic logistics system enables easy viewing

The electronic logistics system will be launched in other major commercial areas successively in the second phrase, and we anticipate more customers will be able to use the system in the second half of the year.

For phrase three, we will explore the feasibility of electronic signature and look forward to achieving paperless logistics very soon!