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Improve Employee Experience by Tapping into the Five Senses

The pandemic has caused structural changes in working mode and brought huge challenges on human resources management as they are urged to review the employee experience and devise correspondent strategies to retain as well as attract talents.

Clara Chiu

Caring for employees’ well-being is one of the new trends in human resources management. Healthy and happy employees is the driving force for corporate development, which can also attract new talents to join.

Clara Chiu

Senior Manager of People and Culture at Lyreco Hong Kong

Clara, Senior Manager of People and Culture at Lyreco Hong Kong shares ways to enhance employee experience from the five senses.



Most of the office employees need to use computer for a long time, which can causes dry eye and eye drain. Therefore, employers shall pay attention to the following items: 

  • If the office lighting is ideal
  • If there is sufficient anti-Glare and anti-Blue light equipment
  • If the computer screen and related devices are adjustable to fit the work sight for employees of different body shapes

Blue Light Cut Filters



Whether the employees are working in office, co-working space or mobile office, it is necessary to provide appropriate earphones for them to meet the needs of online conference.

Telecommunication Devices



Public awareness on air quality has significantly increased during the pandemic, yet we shall not only focus on the air change. The computers, photocopiers, detergent etc. in office can emit pollutants to damages air quality, prolonged exposure to and inhaling these colorless and odorless pollutants can cause eye irritation and respiratory problems. For the sake of employees’ wellbeing, please note that:

  • Renovation and pest control works shall be done at non-working hours
  • Choose the right air purifier according to the space and change the filter regularly

Air Purifiers



Pantry or employee lounge is a good place for employees to refresh their taste buds and boost interaction with each other! The 3 essential points to enhance taste experience include:

  • Never ask about work progress in the pantry or employee lounge to give them a real moment to rest and unwind
  • Avoid offering the same snacks selection, regular change on the choice not only brings freshness to the employees, but can also create talking point among them and enhance interaction
  • Take care of the preference and special needs in diet for the employees, for example, add in plant milk and gluten-free snacks

More snacks selections



The most intimate office necessity for most of the office employees are chair and the backrest, good chair and backrest help maintain correct sitting posture and prevent lower back pain for employees.

Chair & Backrest

employee engagement activity

Apart from providing ergonomic products, corporate can also provide a pleasant touch experience for the employees through different ways. For example, we have organised a massage activity in Lyreco office by inviting several masseurs to offer neck and shoulder massage for the employees at the conference room, they all enjoyed the session very much!

Clara Chiu

Senior Manager of People and Culture at Lyreco Hong Kong

Employee with stiff shoulders

Interested in the massage service?

Our Wellness team can arrange massage service at your office. Service includes:

  • Professional massage therapists
  • Hassle-free venue setup
  • Post-massage herbal tea