Meet the man behind Wellness

Jones Leung

We are ready to go the extra mile for our customers…

Jones Leung
Managing Director of Lyreco Hong Kong

What inspires you to launch the Wellness service?

Employees are the most important asset for every employer. Taking care of their wellness has become even more important amidst all the challenges from the COVID19 pandemic. 
As a one-stop workplace solution provider, Lyreco now offers a wide range of solutions to help our customers take care of their employee wellness by providing comprehensive products and services fully customizable to each employer’s needs. Lyreco delivers Wellness aims at helping our customers enhance employee wellness so that they can focus on what matters the most in their business.

Lyreco delivers Wellness

What exactly is “Lyreco delivers Wellness”?

There are 3 main pillars under Lyreco delivers Wellness:

  1. Wellness@pantry promotes quality break times through healthier food and drink options 
  2. Wellness@workplace ensures workplace is well equipped, fitted and sanitized for employees
  3. Wellness@teams enhances employee engagement by offering customized activities, care packs or even seasonal/ festive surprises 

Lyreco is proud of our services which many of our customers have been enjoying.
Therefore, we are excited to introduce this offering to more employers.

Why companies should invest on Wellness?

Employee is the most important asset for an employer. “Happy employees, Happy Customers” is Lyreco’s motto, and so it is many of our customers’. In our latest customer survey, over 98% of respondents think employee wellness is important.
The benefits from higher productivity generated by healthier, more engaged employees and the saving from new recruitments and trainings will always outweigh the spending on wellness.

Wellness At Pantry - Fruit

There seems to be half price offer/free trial of the Wellness service, is this offer applicable to all customers?

Half price offer/free trial is applicable to any commercial customer who hasn’t used the related service before. Customers can visit the Wellness Website for details including service overview and pictures, register through the online form and our consultants will contact them for trial arrangement.