customer experience

Free Services Deliver Priceless Experience

Lyreco strives to enhance customer service experience by providing the best merchandising solutions for corporate customers of different scales. Various free trials and value-added services over the years not only enhance our customers’ faith in us, but also help us collect feedback from customers to devise our business development strategies.

lyreco delivery van

1. Free Delivery Service

Different from other suppliers, there is no minimum spending for delivery, instead Lyreco offers free delivery service. From all pens to as large as storage cabinets, we promised to offer free delivery service to the industrial and commercial areas in Hong Kong that suits the requirements for different workplaces.

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Wellness Consultant

2. Free Wellness Consultation

Lyreco delivers Wellness is a series of services for employees’ wellbeing launched in recent years. Our Wellness team is ready to offer free consultation services for customers, by providing a custom-made solution according to the enterprise’s scale and budget. No consultation fees will be charged whether the customers adopted the ideas or not.

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Coffee powder coffee beans

3. Free Coffee Trial

Coffee is one of the indispensable beverages in offices, yet with its large variety, how to select the coffee that suits everyone’s taste and within budget? To help answer this, our Wellness team will bring along coffee machine and coffee beans to explain and demonstrate, and a two-week free trial will also be offered for customers so that they can collect feedback from their employees before making decision.

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coffee ground recycling

4. Free Coffee Grounds Recycling

To encourage customers to make good use of the resources and practice circular economy, we offer free coffee grounds recycling service for the users of coffee solution, and will arrange regular on-site collection of the coffee grounds.

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toner cartridge

5. Free Toner Cartridge Recycling Collection Service

Do you know? Lyreco recycled 10,000 used toner cartridges globally in 2019. The used toner cartridge collected will be recycled through the process of reshaping, cleaning, replacing parts and refilling with toner where fewer raw materials are used in the entire process. Customers can notify us for the free collection service when they have stored a certain amount of used toner cartridge.

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We will continue to assess the results of the various free services based on the principle of our customer-centric approach and strive to make good use of the resources to provide you the best customer experience journey.