Lyreco delivers Wellness

Lyreco delivers Wellness

Customized solutions to take care of employees’ 360 wellbeing

EMPLOYEE WELLNESS is a priority for all employers.

Lyreco offers a collection of wellness solutions, customizable to fit any customer’s size, budget and needs, for taking care of the physical, social and emotional health of employees as well as for strengthening employee engagement wherever they work.

Wellness coffee solutions


A collection of customizable subscription programs to plan and implement healthy food and beverage supplies for building a wellness-oriented pantry.

  1. Coffee Solutions

  2. Fresh Fruits

  3. Healthy Snacks

  4. Water Solutions

Wellness@Teams caring pack


A collection of customizable solutions to appreciate and uplift your employees with surprising treats for fostering an engaging work environment.

  1. Refresh-Xcitement

  2. Care & Gift Packs



A collection of customizable solutions to ensure a safe and efficient workplace for your employees while reducing burden on environment as well as spending.

  1. Prevention & Protection

  2. Sustainability & Saving

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