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Customer Experience Director

At Lyreco, we believe in working together for tomorrow, which means constantly looking to innovate and evolve so that our employees, customers and business continue to grow and develop. We believe in a culture that values our employees and inspires them to be the best they can be and our core values of passion, excellence, respect and agility play a key part in this. Through a perfect blend of people, technology and our corporate social responsibility strategy, our future looks bright.

Job Description

As a Customer Experience Director you will be leading the strategy and implementation of a customer centric marketing culture across the business. Developing, and leading a best in class CX team with customer focus at its core. Ownership of overall customer experience initiatives including brand perception, acquisition, retention and penetration strategies which deliver measurable value.

1.       Define & implement local Customer Journeys

  • Collect customer feedback & market insights: ensure relevance of our products & services, as well as our positioning in line with the local market (via NPS score, qualitative & quantitative, online & offline surveys, etc)
  • Define relevant acquisition, retention or loyalty customer journeys, created locally or based on material supplied from group for local adaptation. If needed, identify the gap needed to implement these, first liaising with group & if needed implementing local solutions.
  • Define customer segments to be targeted (score, segment and/ or industry) with the support of data scientists locally & global data team. Ensure good application of commercial pressure to the current database
  • Determine behavioural promotions to complement the product promotions, in line with the Product Marketing team
  • Implement these customer journeys via the group marketing automation tool (Eloqua)
  • Define KPIs and track results per segment, sales channel (physical and digital) and product category in cooperation with the Sales, Product Marketing and the Customer Care teams.
  • Determine & monitor the associated budget

2.       Deliver a good performance of the digital channel

  • Animate the local webshop and or mobile strategy with relevant communication in line with marketing plan
  • Liaise with counterparts in group to feed into the overall needs & roadmaps of various expertise & customer focused tools (webshop, mobile, GA 360, SEO, search, campaign automation tool, etc)
  • Manage a local digital team, supported by global counterparts, which will cover SEO, traffic, search, etc.
  • Ensure follow-up of key KPIS and leads generated online with the sales / CS teams

3.       ENSURE customer centric communication THROUGHOUT ALL TOUCH POINTS

  • Support internal deployment of customer journeys
  • Determine the omni channel touchpoints (print, digital) and work on overall briefing to other services involved (Customer Care, Sales, drivers)
  • Help deliver relevant training associated
  • Ensure the customer journeys are supported by relevant communication material
  • Adapt global content supplied by group Editorial Content team & create local content based on 4 content & information pillars: CSR, corporate, products & services, employee branding
  • Ensure social media listening & actively animate key networks
  • Maintain & animate corporate website: ensuring up to date info & publishing content on the blog section
  • Produce all printed material needed for customer communication such as the catalogue, various brochures or trade show material, etc
  • Ensure consistent and appealing internal communication
  • Coordinate the development of an internal communication strategy
  • Through your strategy, develop an understanding of the company’s goals and values, and build commitment to success
  • Through your internal communication strategy you’ll be engaging employees which will positively affect the performance in the workplace of Lyreco
  • Advise executives and managers on their role in effective internal communication

4.       Cultivate a customer driven & digital approach within local SMT & group

  • By working jointly with Sales, Customer Service, Product Marketing and Logistics teams to ensure coherence and collective alignment on customer journeys implemented – this will be key to ensure adoption of a customer centric approach on all levels.
  • By reporting client feedback (verbatim & engagement metrics) to the local SMT & to group
  • By regularly updating with KPIs on omni channel campaigns or overall digital performance
  • By actively participating in global communities & creating local initiates to be shared with counterparts in other subs


  • You are passionate about customer experience
  • You have significant experience in all marketing levers, particularly in strategic and digital marketing (audience acquisition, web analytics, etc.)
  • Your leadership and your sense of diplomacy give you the ability to motivate and federate your team and bring together other teams in the realization of a common project. Strong management experience is an essential prerequisite.
  • You are experienced in leading and coordinating the function across several Group departments and subsidiaries.
  • Fluent English essential.
  • International experience is an asset for this position.