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Group Development Director - H/F

At Lyreco, we believe in working together for tomorrow, which means constantly looking to innovate and evolve so that our employees, customers and business continue to grow and develop. We believe in a culture that values our employees and inspires them to be the best they can be and our core values of passion, excellence, respect and agility play a key part in this. Through a perfect blend of people, technology and our corporate social responsibility strategy, our future looks bright.

Job Description

Vous faites partie de ceux qui pensent « bien dans son poste et son environnement de travail, bien dans sa vie » ? Nous, nous en sommes convaincus !LYRECO, c’est une entreprise familiale de10 000 collaborateurs, dont2 100 en France, qui s’engage quotidiennement à« vous simplifier la vie au travail ».

LYRECOvenddes produits et services pour l’environnement de travail. Initialement centrée sur la distribution defournitures de bureau, notre entreprise a élargi sa gamme de produits et services, en proposant 3 univers produits supplémentaires :Tech & Print, Life@Work et Environnement Industriel.

Chez LYRECO, c’estla passionqui rassemble nos collaborateurs. Nous cultivons également le bien-vivre ensemble, en veillant à travailler dansla bienveillance et le respect. Nous croyons également que notrecapacité à innoveretnotre agilitésont des atouts majeurs, qui nous permettront de nous adapter aux enjeux de demain et de maintenirun service d’excellenceauprès denos clients.

Aujourd’hui,Grégory Lienard, CEO de Lyreco,cherche unGroup Development Director (H/F) :

1- Job Perimeter

Elaborates and submits the M&A strategy to sustain the Group strategy, have it validated and execute.

Responsible for proposing acquisitions opportunities and conducting associated tasks to close such operations.

Also conducts divestment operations.

2- Internal and external relationships

Group Executive Team and Managing Directors: Regular updates to get markets insights and knowledge. Also close coordination with these teams when needed on certain operations.

Lyreco Group: Reports on a very regular basis to the CEO for key updates on the markets and on-going projects.

Competitors: The Group Development Director is expected to establish contacts with competitors to maintain active relationship and enable opportunities.

Group Suppliers: The Group Development Director is expected to establish contacts with suppliers to get market intelligences maintain from their perspective.

Vendors: Negotiates and activates contracts with vendors required to perform the tasks of the department (ex: law firms).

National authorities: Is one of the official representative of the company with the national authorities when needed (ex: Antitrust authorities).

3- Objectives

Research and Analytics

  • Map the targeted markets, document and maintain this documentation (trends, key actors, rising ones etc…)
  • Cross check information
  • Analysis
  • Build up the strategy


  • Establish relationships with actors on targeted markets and gather frequent and accurate updates.
  • Entertain these relationships to establish proximity and trust.


  • Initiate and conducts, respecting the mandate initially provided by the Board of Directors.
  • Risks evaluation and valuation of opportunities.
  • Performs all the necessary tasks to protects the interests of the company during the due diligence process.
  • Establish and review all the contract elements of the transaction.
  • Follow up on post acquisitions topics.

Team Management

  • Build a strong team to support her/him in her/his daily tasks. Develop it.
  • Maintain and Develop company Values by leading by example

4- Essential experiences and skills

At least 10 years of experience in an international company in the M&A field and/or in Business.

  • High level of interpersonal skills
  • Strategic mindset
  • Analytical, systematic
  • Advanced education in Business, Finance, Economics or any related field.
  • Well developed leadership, planning, organisation and process development skills
  • Sound exposure to talent management, talent development and team building
  • Very high energy level
  • Perfect command of English.