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In order to reduce our impact on the planet, we commit to:  

  • Using and selling sustainable products and services and embracing the circular economy

  • Being carbon neutral on company vehicles and business travel, based on actions around greenifying, reducing and/or compensating our emissions

  • Being carbon neutral in all our company facilities


Low emission Urban delivery

CO2 reduction

Low emissions delivery

As delivering goods is the core business model of Lyreco, we are continuously innovating and reducing our CO2 impact thanks to route optimisation and low emissions vehicles. With our new Sustainability Strategy, we aim to reduce the environmental impact of our company vehicles and business travels, and offset the CO2 that we can't reduce by 2026.

Responsible products and services

Man walking through fields - Sustainable by Lyreco

Sustainable by Lyreco

At Lyreco, we believe that tomorrow’s sustainable workplaces are being built today. We are operating in a sector that is constantly changing and we strive to provide our customers with a responsible, innovative, and eco-designed offering that will meet their evolving needs.

People on a field

Lyreco sustainable selection

We commit to using and selling sustainable products and services. Indeed, we want to transition from a linear model (take – make – dispose) to a circular economy by offering sustainable alternatives for all of the products we sell, improving recyclability of both products and packaging and offering waste recycling streams. We target to reach 90% of our sales made by sustainable products.

Circular economy 

Our 5 commitments towards circular workplaces

Learn more about our circular economy strategy!

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