CO2 Reduction

Low-emission delivery

Lyreco UK & Ireland has gone the extra mile for their customers – and the planet – by making the switch to electric vehicles.Lyreco UK & Ireland has 67 electric vehicles for 10 of its regional distribution sites across Great Britain. The switch to EVs has brought about a 97% reduction in CO2 emissions across all their routes.

Lyreco France relies on intermodal delivery.

Among the many modes of transport used by Lyreco France are heavy trucks and semi-trailers with CNG, 100% electric light vehicles, and an electric barge on the Seine. On top of this, more than 600 deliveries are made by cargo bike every day. Thanks to the numerous projects launched across Lyreco France logistics sites, CO2e emissions per delivery have reduced by 11% in two years.

Facilities impact reduction

In April 2014, Lyreco commissioned the installation of solar panels on the roof of their Benelux distribution centre. The panels produce 225,000 kWh annually — equal to 10% of the distribution centre's annual energy consumption or 70 households. In doing so, Lyreco is reducing its CO2 emissions by 56 tonnes a year.

Lyreco UK & Ireland has gone the extra mile for their customers and the planet by making the switch to renewable energy. Lyreco UK & Ireland's Telford site is now carbon neutral. In 2015, 13,680 solar panels were installed at our National Distribution Centre, generating on average 3,000,000 kWh each year.



Green commitment

A comprehensive, assessed commitment 

Lyreco records its CO2 equivalent (CO2e) emissions using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol standard methodology. Accurately measuring how much and what we emit helps us plan our emissions reduction roadmap. 

Since 2021, Lyreco has taken part in the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) . This too helps us define our reduction targets and ensures that we are in line with the requirements of the Paris Climate Agreement.

CO2e program

As the delivery of goods is one of our core businesses, we are always looking for ways to innovate and reduce our CO2e impact. Thanks to route optimisation and low- and zero-emission vehicles, we’re doing just that. With our new Sustainability Strategy, we aim to switch our entire company fleet to low- and zero-emission vehicles by 2026. The emissions that we cannot reduce will be offset.

In parallel, we ambition to reduce the environmental impact of our business travels and offset the emissions that we cannot reduce by 2026.

Lastly, we will reduce the environmental impact of our owned company facilities by switching to 100% of renewable energy by 2026.

Tons of Co2 per year graph

Emissions that cannot be reduced by to optimisation or the use of low- and zero-emission vehicles will be offset in 2026. 

evans switzerland

Urban delivery on the road to zero emissions

The acceleration of climate change and its dramatic consequences require us to intensify our efforts to protect the environment. In compliance with Paris Agreement, Lyreco commits to reducing CO2 emissions that come from its activities and to finding resources alternatives to cover the last mile in order to deliver sustainably what any workplace needs. 

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