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Supplier and Seller assessment


This supplier assessment is the first mandatory criteria defined by Lyreco. It is based on the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standard.

Third party ESG rating or certification

The supplier or seller possesses a valid third-party ESG rating or certification (B-Corp or Ecovadis certification).

Lyreco Supplier and Seller

 The Supplier or seller provides evidencing information and documentation about ESG initiatives and actions under a self-assessment questionnaire and achieves the minimum scoring defined by Lyreco.

  1. People 
    a. Health & Safety standard  
    b. Social initiatives  

  2. Governance 
    a. CSR commitments  
    b. Ethic code employee and suppliers  

  3. Planet 
    a. Environment standard  
    b. Activity Impact  
    c. Carbon footprint  

In 2023, the points are allocated as follows : Environmental (max 35%), Social (max 40%) and Governance (max 25%), with a minimum total score of 20%. The scoring will be revised to be become stricter as from 2024. 

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement

Our methodology is designed to evolve and be refined. Our evaluation scale (minimum points, the scoring split for each ESG division, etc.) is already demanding, and will become more and more restrictive once our suppliers and sellers have become familiar with the methodology,  in order to adapt and improve.

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