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Sustainable by Lyreco

The first B2B marketplace for sustainable products and services

At Lyreco, we believe that tomorrow’s sustainable workplaces are being built today.

We are operating in a category that is constantly changing and we strive to provide our customers with a responsible, innovative, and eco-designed offer that will meet their evolving needs.

A sustainable workplace. Delivered.  

Our mission is clear: we want to offer practical tools and materials for our customers that provide them with all the information they need to be able to make sustainable choices when it comes to purchasing products and services for the workplace.  

To achieve this objective, in September 2022, Lyreco is launching the first B2B marketplace dedicated to sustainable products and services. 

Lyreco’s sustainable marketplace is based on:  

A clear and transparent product and service classification system  

A selective sellers assessment process  

3 recognisable symbols  

Continuous improvement

A sustainable concept that will continuously improve 

Sustainable by Lyreco is a pioneering concept which will develop over time as we learn more about what experience best suits our customers and sellers. We are integrating this new approach across a changing environment which requires us to consider each aspect of the purchasing process, from logistics to payment, including more and more targeted solutions to fit our customers’ needs.  


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