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Product assessment

A product assessment carried out based on product characteristics and features based on Sustainable Selection criteria


A new progressive assessment methodology, clearer and closer to our long-term Sustainability Strategy, which aims to strengthen our current procurement process with more sustainable initiatives, actions and decisions.

The Lyreco sustainable procurement process is following the ISO 204001 principles validated by SGS2.

“Sustainable Selection” by Lyreco will be continuously improved to meet the ever-changing sustainability needs and requirements of our customers as well as our societies and the planet.

The product assessment is considered completed if the following two mandatory criteria are met:

  • A minimum 80% of the product packaging is made of recyclable material; AND
  • A minimum 80% of the product material is made of recyclable material or the product can be reused or refurbished.

If the above mandatory criteria are met, then the products will be further assessed and assigned up to three of the following “Sustainable Selection” icons:


People are holding a plant in their joined hands

Products focusing on environmental contribution


People - Meeting

Products contributing to the well-being and safety of people at work



Products contributing to improving societal impact on local communities

Green commitment

A validated methodology

At Lyreco, we are committed to having the right processes in place to deliver against our sustainability commitments. The best way to do so is to work hand by hand with external partners who regularly monitor and guide our internal practices. 

From 2023, the Lyreco sustainable assessment methodology will be assessed every year by SGS and follow the ISO 20400 principles

Continuous improvement

A continuously improving methodology

In order to accompany our partners towards more and more responsible purchasing decisions, our methodology is designed to evolve according to the needs of our clients and our ever-increasing requirements in terms of sustainability. 

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