lyreco CSR materiality matrix

Lyreco Materiality Matrix

11 priorities, foundations our CSR strategy 2019-2025

The strategic priorities on which Lyreco focuses its corporate responsibility are based on the most relevant matters to stakeholders and the company itself.

The fundamental environmental, social and economic challenges have long been integrated into our sustainability strategy. These main principles were reflected in our 2012 - 2018 ECO FUTURE strategy and the related data monitored over the last 7 years.
In 2017, a materiality matrix involving our main stakeholders has raised additional challenges that have led us to extend our responsibility and sustainability commitments.

lyreco CSR materiality matrix

11 Shared priorities

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Employee health and safety
  3. Human Rights in the supply chain
  4. Regulatory compliance
  5. Ethical business practices
  6. Product & service quality
  7. Employee well-being
  8. Environmental standards in the supply chain
  9. Social standards in the supply chain
  10. Human capital management
  11. Customer partnership concerning on sustainability

A foundation for our new CSR Strategy

These 11 priorities are the foundation of our new 6 guiding principles that lead our CSR strategy 2019-2025.