Thuis werken

Working from home efficiently

How do you ensure that you can continue to work efficiently and healthily at home? What do you need for this and what should you pay attention to? We have made a handy overview for you around various relevant themes.

1. Remain in contact

2. Remain in shape

Communication with colleagues and / or customers is also crucial in your home office. With the right equipment, you can socialize from your home office and have access to your work documents and tools.

When you work from home for a longer period of time, it becomes important to think carefully about the design of your workplace. This way you can prevent smaller and larger ailments as a result of a non-optimal sitting and working position.

3. Remain focused

4. Remain organised

Working from home can be very nice because of the freedom it brings, but it also has disadvantages. You can quickly lose focus, for example because you are distracted by your roommates or by things that need to be done at home.

However digital we work, a number of materials are still indispensable to get your work done efficiently. It can also help keep an overview and organize your thoughts.

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