Certificates & acknowledgements

Standards: European, local & international

Trust and clarity are essential to meet our customers' environmental expectations and requirements for the highest quality. 

Our customers are ensured they can rely on a trusted supplier and to select their sustainable products based on clear information through: 

  1. An ISO Certified Quality, Health and Environment Management system
  2. Recognized environmental labels and certifications
  3. The Lyreco Green Tree exclusive assessment methodology
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Our clients receive transparent information about our products by viewing the trusted ecolabels


Established in 1992 by the European Commission, the European ecolabel is a non-mandatory labeling scheme. It’s based on a worldwide structural method which looks at the lifecycle assessment of products from the manufacturer to the disposal or recycling. It includes consumption, distribution and appliance. Lyreco uses this European Ecolabel for its own branded items since 2009.

nordic swan

Nordic Swan is a Nordic ecolabel which officially proves durability for the Nordic region. In order to receive this label, products must possess a strict set of characteristics regarding quality, environmental and health criteria. At Lyreco we have selected this ecolabel for our reproduced toner cartridges.


The PEFC and Forest Stewardship Council provide labels that prove products to be fabricated with wood-based materials (like paper) and complying with rules that guarantee durable forests maintenance. Lyreco joined the FSC international in 2018.


These standards and methodologies stand as frames to drive our activities in the most responsible way possible


SEDEX is the biggest collaboration platform in the world. It shares important basic data on supply chain responsibilities and is used by more than 43,000 members in more than 150 countries. Lyreco chose SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) as an approved benchmark for social responsibility testing of the factories that make our products.


The Business Social Compliance Initiative is a world-renowned value chain management system that supports companies in their pursuit of improved social responsibility and their desire to optimize their global value chains. Lyreco chose BSCI as the firm standard for social responsibility testing at the companies that manufacture our products.


The European Union Product Environmental Footprint is an initiative of the European Commission that aims to develop a uniform method for calculating the ecological impact of products. It is based on a 14 point evaluation of all steps in the life cycle. Lyreco joined the EU PEF pilot phase in 2014.

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We fully support global projects that aim to implement responsible and upstanding practices in our business sector.

We support UN Global compact

Founded in 2000, the United Nations Global Compact is a policy platform and a practical, no-obligation framework for companies committed to sustainability and accountability. In 2014, Lyreco was the first company in the office supply industry to join the UN Global Compact. We continue to strengthen our commitment to this day and publish our sustainable development report every year on the Global Impact platform every year.


The New York Declaration on Forests is a voluntary alliance between governments, indigenous people, businesses, organizations and NGOs working together to halve deforestation by 2020 and stop it by 2030. By joining this, Lyreco demonstrates its commitment to engaging of responsible partnerships with forested areas to move deforestation out of their value chain. Together we fight against the disappearance of our forests.


The UN Human Rights Club is a place where members share their expertise for the benefit of progress in this field. Lyreco became a member of the Human Rights Club of the UN Global Compact in 2017 to drive a commitment to the management, prevention and development of human rights in companies.

Green tree


Since 2011, the green products indicated by Lyreco have been provided with a special icon: a green tree. This shows that the Lyreco assessment is applicable. Our Lyreco Green Product Assessment has been reviewed by SGS, which confirmed that it ticks all the boxes for compliance with ISO 14020 and the ICC standards for ecological certification.


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"In line with our company vision, sustainability is a fundamental part of the “Great Working Day” that we strive to deliver to all customers and employees."