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CO2 neutral delivery

A complete value chain approach

Climate-neutral deliveries

reductie transport emissies

Since September 2014, Lyreco customers have been receiving their goods completely climate-neutral. How is that possible?

First, the focus was on reduction: In recent years Lyreco has invested in vans with Euro V and VI engines. That way, we could enormously reduce CO2 emissions from transport.

In addition, the transport routes were optimised. The remaining CO2 emissions from transport are fully compensated through an external specialist partner - CO2 logic.

Lyreco thus delivers every order climate-neutral, at no extra cost to the customer.

Carbon footprint

Emission reductions in various departments

Sales & customer service

  • One-stop solution: one delivery & optimised ordering
  • Reuse of toners & cartridges
  • Ecologically responsible driving


Warehouse & offices

  • Waste management and stock management
  • Reduction of back orders to limit back delivery
  • E-trading and dematerialisation of documents


  • No filling material in the boxes
  • Use of resource-saving materials
  • Reuse of cardboard boxes



  • Fewer transport kilometres through optimised planning 
  • Ecodrive training for drivers 
  • Green fleet: electric and LPG trucks and vans



  • Development of a green product range
  • Consistent use of recycled paper for all printed matter
  • Discussing circular possibilities with producers

And so much more

Climate project with social impact in Uganda

To offset the CO2 emissions of our deliveries, Lyreco is supporting a climate project in Uganda. The way 95% of the population in Uganda cooks proves to be very inefficient in practice.

A lot of wood and charcoal is used which leads to deforestation. In addition, mothers and children breathe in many toxic gases during the cooking process, causing frequent respiratory problems and even fatal pneumonia. The project supported by Lyreco ensures that the population has access to improved wood-burning ovens that require less firewood and are better for the environment.

Each wood-burning oven reduces CO2 emissions by 1.4 tonnes per year. This corresponds to a return flight from Brussels to Washington D.C.

Houtovens Oeganda
-1,4 ton
CO2 per year per wood burning oven
ovens financed since the start of this project
trees saved since the start of this project