Co2 neutraal papier

CO2-neutral paper

Lyreco FSC paper is now CO2-neutral

Lyreco standard FSC paper, now CO2-Neutral

In order to offer our customers the most sustainable solutions without increasing the cost price, we examined both the production and the transport chain. So from now on, you get more green for your money.


Make your organisation greener

Sustainable enterprising is very important to us and our customers. At Lyreco, we do not take our social responsibility for granted. We do not stop at empty words, but take concrete steps to be a responsible partner for every organisation that values sustainability. The objective is clear: to offer you, our customers, fully sustainable and, where possible, circular workplace solutions.

We are therefore proud to be able to offer a CO2-neutral paper solution that goes far beyond merely offsetting CO2 emissions.

hands holding a plant
Luk Gonnissen

Of course, the paper itself can always improve, but after forty years of innovation, the biggest steps have now been taken. The CO2-neutral delivery of the paper is then a logical next step, where there is still much to be gained.

Luk Gonnissen

Product Manager


CO2 neutral - what does that mean?


kg CO2-emission

This is for the whole production process of a pack of Standard FSC CO2-neutral paper.


kg CO2-emission

The market average, as you can see, is almost five times as high.

A radical decision: we moved our production.

Two of the most important factors influencing the amount of CO2 produced are transport and the energy needed to produce the paper. Both were greatly reduced by the relocation of our production.

Not just a challenge, but one with so much more added value. Because:

  • This new mill is much closer to the forests where the raw materials come from. Only 140 km away, which saves on transport.
  • It is also closer to our own storage and distribution centres. That, once again, saves CO2 in transport. .
  • This new mill produces 95.6% of its energy on site, of which 89.3% comes from biomassAs a result, the amount of CO2 generated is less than 5% of that of conventional paper mills using energy from coal.

Consciously chosen compensation projects

After optimising all the individual elements in the production process of our paper, we then looked at offsetting the remaining CO2 produced. For this purpose, in consultation with the various stakeholders, we opted for the development project to provide Turkey with wind energy (with partner Greenergie). . Among other things, this financing project will prevent the annual emissions of 85,000 tonnes of CO2 resulting from energy supplies to western Turkey.

Negotiations are also currently underway to stimulate energy generation from biogas in the Netherlands in the future and thus prevent 100,000 tonnes of CO2 being generated each year.

"With such a strong local product, it is of course nice to control this aspect locally," according to Sam Bosmans.


Certification and recognition

9001:2000 – Quality Systems
18001 – OSHAS – Health & Safety
14001 – Environmental
& Environmental Policy
bleached pulp
Sam Bosmans

We can substantiate all the figures with certificates for each step of the chain. In addition, independent audits constantly take place to check these certificates. A great deal of work has been put into this, but it does ensure that we can be sure. For us, CO2-neutral really means something: customers can check this.

Sam Bosmans

Marketing Director

CO2 neutraal papier

Make the switch to CO2-neutral paper now

Curious about the Lyreco Standard FSC CO2-neutral paper? You can easily purchase it via our webshop. This way, you too can take the next step towards a greener business!