Coffee and tea solutions

Daily moments of happiness at work

Nice coffee and tea to start the working day.

The importance of quality coffee or tea at work is often underestimated. Coffee and tea are the common thread throughout the day for many employees however. Catching up with a colleague, going through a tough meeting or just relaxing. Coffee makes many moments on the work floor so much better and it makes people more productive. Tea, in turn, boosts your health with numerous antioxidants.


The figures

speak for themselves

Source: Business Insider, Koffiemonitor 2017


of the employees drink coffee or tea


talk with colleagues when getting coffee or tea


of the satisfaction depends on the taste


think a cosy coffee corner is essential


of the employees have productive chats around the coffee machine
Catunambu koffie

Catunambú and Lyreco, where taste and service meet

Catunambú is a Spanish family business that has dedicated itself with heart and soul to the artisanal roasting of quality, aromatic, intense and exceptionally tasty coffee beans for over 120 years.

This makes it one of the oldest and best-known coffee brands in Spain and it is also the market leader with some 7,500 premium on-trade outlets. Together with Lyreco, office environments can now also enjoy honest Lyreco Coffee Solutions on a daily basis, in addition to the excellent service and personal customisation.

An exclusive partnership in which the best of both worlds, taste and service, have been brought together. And you can taste it!

kalahari koffie

100% sustainable, from bean to packaging

Kalahari stands for fair, organic and sustainable.

From the beans to the cardboard cup, a sustainable environment was considered at every step. Special efforts have minimised CO2 emissions in the production process, resulting in a CO2-neutral product, with recognition of the CO2-Free label.

In addition, a part of the incomes is donated to the San Bushmen, an African population group that is finding it increasingly difficult to remain self-sufficient due to global warming. By contributing to the construction of schools, hospitals and water purification plants, they, and you as a coffee drinker, are helping the San community. They have been awarded various labels and certificates for this performance.

tea quiero

Tea Quiero, enjoy a delicious cup of tea - naturally

In addition to coffee, tea is increasingly becoming an important part of the hot drinks at work. It boosts health, has a refreshing effect and can be drunk all day long as a thirst-quencher.

Tea Quiero, as in Spanish 'te quiero' (I love you), combines the love of tea with the use of only natural ingredients with 6 different refreshing flavours which are colourfully packaged, inspired by Spanish Mosaics.

koffie in hand

How do we make the difference?

A specialist, only for you

Coffee is really our thing. Our specialists, who have a certified barista training, are always ready to give advice to your organisation.

More than 100 years' expertise

Since 1926, Lyreco, as a total supplier, has wanted to ensure that companies can focus on what really matters. With numerous services and 11,000 products, Lyreco provides a total solution. That saves a lot of time and energy on the work floor.

1 Supplier, 1 invoice

In addition to your customised coffee solution, you can choose from more than 11,000 other workplace products and services in our web shop. Avoid administrative hassle by bundling your order with us.

Next-day delivery/service

A technical defect? No more coffee? With us you don't have to wait weeks. We'll just drop by the next working day.

All-in service with taste guarantee for the tastiest coffee and tea on the work floor.

The taste of a delicious cup of coffee depends on several factors including bean quality, quantity, grind, water type and temperature.

With a matching all-in service contract via Lyreco Coffee Solutions, the quality of all these factors is guaranteed at all times;

  • Personal advice by our coffee specialists for the best coffee and tea total solution, tailored to the wishes and needs of your organisation.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance(s) with annual replacement of the corresponding water filter(s), if required
  • Full technical service in the event of breakdowns, including call-out charges, original parts and labour.
  • Provision of installation(s), personal support and work instruction(s) by approved maintenance mechanics of the machine(s).
  • Direct telephone support in the event of malfunctions.If this is not possible, our engineers will be on site within 24 hours to provide a suitable solution.

3 simple steps

Personal advice


One of our coffee specialists will contact you to make an appointment. We will then visit you to make an inventory of your organisation's coffee needs. 

Customised suggestion


Do we have a complete picture of your situation and preferences. We will then make you a tailor-made proposal. 

Test placement


Don't hesitate, before you order you just try the coffee and the machine for a week for free, right? Experience shows that whoever tastes our coffee gets a taste for it.