Make your workplace corona proof

We are all affected by COVID-19

Regardless of whether your organisation was allowed to continue working or had to shut down, this virus made it clear that the way we organize work in the near future has changed dramatically. As we’re committed to making your life at work easier, we stand by to give advice and answer your questions.

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Lyreco Covid-19 helpline

Ever since the virus made its appearance last spring, it has turned our lives upside down, both at home and in the office.

Working from home has become the norm, offices had to be redesigned and communicating with each other has become more important than ever.

So how can an organization best deal with this? While many are now returning to the office (part-time), which clearly presents us with new challenges. On this page you can find out all that this means for your business.

Discover our blogs with handy tips, our customized products and our practical whitepaper on COVID-19 for you to use as a practical guide. We added a brochure for some extra clarification and illustration.


It is crucial to keep communicating with your staff whether they are in the office or work from home.

The issue isn’t only the new way of working and meeting, but also the communication of safety measures for example.

One way to be prepared and keep everyone informed is through an internal COVID-19 working group. 

Social distance

measure and makes it possible to breathe without a mask once in a while.

Having a difficult time keeping track of all the guidelines and measures and in need of some advice to redesign your office? No worries, we’ve got the solution for you right here

The articles in our blog provide you with all the necessary information on social distancing in every workplace. Keeping your colleagues informed and updated made easy.

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Responsibility as an employer

As an employer, you don't know what to do anymore? We are happy to guide you in implementing all guidelines. In this blog post you will find a range of information. Need more advice? Then be sure to contact your Lyreco contact person.

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The new normal whitepaper

  • What measures Lyreco Benelux has put in place to protect our staff and our customers.
  • Tips and tricks for communicating measures to employees and customers.
  • Guidelines for hygiene, social distancing, receiving visitors, signage, on the road, and so much more.

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