Always supporting you, from selecting your workplace supplies to delivery.

People form the core of our business. We ensure to give our clients all the support needed by offering them specialist advice, assistance and services.

Our 8,000 sales advisors, logistic operators, customer service agents and delivery personnel in 25 countries demonstrate that Lyreco strives for customer satisfaction through human contact, dedication and excellence.

Being nearby geographically also guarantees being able to comply with the specific requirements for every market: worldwide operator, local market expert.

Account manager

Our account managers, here to help you

By adapting flexibly to the wishes of each individual client, our highly responsive organization is able to provide you with the optimal support and tailored solutions.

Albeit your committed account manager, customer service representative, e-commerce support team or your local delivery personnel, we guarantee you a complete team dedicated to delivering the best possible services and savings.

No matter how big your organization is, we pride ourselves on providing you with the highest level of account management to achieve your goals efficiently with high value for money.

a man with a headset

Internal customer support

Of course you prefer to talk to someone familiar that understands you.

Therefore all our customer support centers are in our local head office, no matter where we operate in Europe and Asia


Internal logistics and delivery staff

Of course we understand it’s always nice to see the same friendly face at your door.

Therefore, in most countries where we are active, we recruit our own local delivery drivers who do their own specific routes, so the same driver always delivers your packages. Our Logistics and Delivery team always delivers!


Specialists’ advice and expertise

Health & safety, hygiene & cleaning, coffee breaks, ergonomics and layout of office space, sustainability ... some workplace environment domains demand advice from experts and specialists

Lyreco's teams of experts stand by our customers to offer them advice and customized solutions for:

  1. Personal Protective Equipment 
  2. Hygiene and cleaning 
  3. Furnishing, ergonomics, office space arrangement
  4. Lyreco Coffee Solutions: partnering exclusively with Catunambú